Electropian Lobsta Fish

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Description: In order to protect the expensive bling, the Red Lobsta acquired extra defense mechanisms when mutating into its counterpart. The Electropian Lobsta wears diamond studded grills, customized gold jewelry and electro-charged outer shell. Wranglers will think twice before eating this razor-tail!

Electropian Lobsta Fish
Farovian Fish
Electropian-lobsta hidden.jpg
Min. Gold 2,266
Min. Points 4,668
Min. Tourn. Points 559 points
Strength Zing Zingin'
Min. Weight 21.88 lb / 9.92 kg
Min. Pole Level 50 Planktonite
Level 50 Algaenite
Min. Skill Sub-Zero Survival Training
Habitat (Population) Sigs Vault (Possibly Extinct)
Sigs Wasteland (Possibly Extinct)
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How to catch Electropian Lobsta Fish:
Wranglers must have 750,000 goodness or evilness points in order to catch the Electropian Lobsta. Then use a Level 50+ Algaenite or Planktonite in Sig's Vault and Sig's Wasteland. Requires the skill of Sub-Zero Survival Training.

Catching your first Electropian Lobsta Fish from the Vault will open up the final level of Sig's Underwater Lab; Sigs Wasteland. This can be done after acquiring 750,000 goodness or evilness points.

UNLOCKED ELECTRO BARB! Took X hours (Y guesses)