Birthday Branch

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Birthday Branch
Cost 10,000
Strength 32
Lure Rating ?
Min. Points 25,000
Retail Outlet WaterPort Fishing Pole Shop
Birthday Branch Quests

Description: The Birthday Branch is exclusively for the SquidCake IV! Purchase the pole in Waterport to join the "Birthday Bash in Waterport" Contest.

The old activation link for the pole is here:

Pole Exclusive Fish[edit]

SquidCake IV Fish


So after the Contest ended, if you try to equip the pole, whether you had bought it or not, it would return an error message stating:
Error You do not own the Birthday Branch!
Also, trying to buy the pole through it's ID # purchase link revealed a similiar msg:
Error The Birthday Branch belongs to the special Birthday Bash in Waterport Contest which is not currently active!