Birthday Branch

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Description: The Birthday Branch is exclusively for the SquidCake IV! Purchase the pole in Waterport to join the "Birthday Bash in Waterport" Contest.

Birthday Branch
Cost 10,000
Strength 32
Lure Rating ?
Min. Points 25,000
Retail Outlet WaterPort Fishing Pole Shop
Birthday Branch Quests

The old activation link for the pole is here:

Pole Exclusive Fish[edit]

SquidCake IV Fish


So after the Contest ended, if you try to equip the pole, whether you had bought it or not, it would return an error message stating:
Error You do not own the Birthday Branch!
Also, trying to buy the pole through it's ID # purchase link revealed a similiar msg:
Error The Birthday Branch belongs to the special Birthday Bash in Waterport Contest which is not currently active!