Wooly Steer Fish

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Wooly Steer Fish
Farovian Fish
Wooly-steer hidden.jpg
Min. Gold 2,000
Min. Points 2,002
Min. Tourn. Points TBD
Min. Weight 23.50 lb / 10.66 kg
Min. Pole Level 20 Palm Spear
Min. Skill Monster Wrangling
Habitat (Population) Doom Island (Almost Extinct)
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Description: DANGEROUS!
A mammoth body and bullish personality have perfectly combined in the Wooly Steer Fish. Heavily relying upon its six-tusked defense mechanism, the breed has been known to charge directly at intruders with shocking speed and accuracy. Defend yourself with a Level 20+ Palm Spear Pole!

The Wooly Steer Fish may cause damage to your Palm Spear!

  • Broken Spear: Costs 3,500 gold (Occurs on ~100% of catches with Palm Spear)
  • Last Report: “Steering into a massive wave, the Wooly Steer crashed directly onto my Palm Spear and nearly killed me. Rousso is predicting a tidal wave possibly later tonight!” -Captain Bob

Part of the following Quests: Fiery Frog Legs (2 fish required)