Winged Flame Fish

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Winged Flame Fish
Farovian Fish
Winged-flame hidden.jpg
Min. Gold 2,000
Min. Points 2,002
Min. Tourn. Points 230 points
Min. Weight 5.94 lb / 2.69 kg
Min. Pole Level 20 Kelp Net
Min. Skill Monster Wrangling
Habitat (Population) Doom Island (Almost Extinct)
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Description: DANGEROUS!
The Dragonfly couldn't resist falling in love with Farovian's Flamyro Fish, even though she knew the breed's history as the #1 Pyromaniac in the region. When things ended badly between the couple, the Dragonfly grew wings of flame and seeks revenge upon bystanders. Wranglers must quickly net the Winged Flame Fish with a Level 20+ Kelp Net.

The Winged Flame Fish may cause damage to your Kelp Net!

  • Fire Damage: Costs 3,500 gold (Occurs on ~100% of catches with Kelp Net)
  • Last Report: "Due to an increase in the storm's wind system, the Winged Flame Fish flew directly into my Kelp Net and set it on fire. The flames started spreading across Doom Island, but Rousso stopped the nearly-catastrophic forest fire within minutes!" -Senor Jed

Part of the following Quests: Mansion Legs (2 fish required)