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15th July 2021 The Birthday Shark Party Contest ends in ~5 days!
24th Jun 2021 The secret cavern within Blue Crescent is now open!
26th May 2021 The International Peacekeepers Contest ends in ~6 days! Join FB Event to double FLC reward, if you place in top 10! Ajax'd Sir Sigfried's Resource Exchange!
8th Jun 2020 Breakfast has been served!
11th Dec 2019 The 25% New Level Release SALE ends in ~1 day! Darkness has fallen upon “Rainbow Rising, Roperia”! The Deckhands have properly hung the holiday lights!

26th June 2019 The 30% MONSOON SALE ends soon! Next level, Monsoon Lagoon (Farovia), has been released! Give us a 5★ FB review! We're giving away 50 RLC to 50 random reviewers next week! Join our FB Group for special giveaways.
16th Jan 2019 Released Plastic Island (2nd area of Roperian Garbage Patch).
3rd Dec 2018 The Great Roperian Garbage Patch Adventure has started! Tragedy Reef released.
18th Oct 2018 Released Innsmouth Island - catch the Harbinger (with LG in Waterport) to start the adventure.
31st Jul 2018 The Multi-pole Kwanky + Kwanky Polaroid have been released! The Liquid Goldfish (Fish #1,000) arrives tomorrow!
14th Jun 2018 The 60th level, Rakkaus Tarn (Big Love Island, Farovia), has been released!
1st Mar 2018 New Lover's Lake (Farovia) has opened for fishing!
28th Feb 2018 New Red Love Bay (Farovia), has been released!
9th Nov 2017 New Fariana Trench (Farovia), has been released! Purchase Earl's new pole titled “Fariana Submarina”!
29th June 2017 New island location Lost Temple has been released!
14th Feb 2017 New Icelantica Backside island Snowpeak Basecamp has been released!
25th May 2015 Bug Eyed Crab Fish is released! "Wild Memorial Day" contest started!
5th May 2015 Wahwahville has been released!
15th April 2015 Released the New Seinborough SBQ! Join the Fish Wrangler NHL Bracket Challenge (password: fishnow)! 1st place=1000 FLC, 2nd=500 FLC, 3rd=250 FLC.
11th April 2015 Just launched our new sister game - Wild Wrangler! (Possible future 25/50 RLC for level goal - like Coral Kingdom?)
5th April 2015 Easter Eel Fish is released! "Save the Easter" contest started!
17rd March 2015 We're kicking off the Saint Patrick's Celebration with a most catch contest of the Leaf Clover Fish! Catch it anywhere in Farovia!
3rd March 2015 Wahwahport has been released! A Stork has been spotted on Waterport Pier! Read message below your pole!
30th December 2014 Happy New Year! The Roperian Resolutions Collection has been released!
23rd December 2014 Sandy Claws Fish is released! Sandy Claws is Coming to Town contest started!
16rd December 2014 Released the Santa Francesca SBQ! Added in a "quests" link, next to the "addons" link, under each pole.
27th November 2014 Wishbone Fish is released! Make A Wish contest started!
20th October 2014 Heartworm Fish is released!
30th August 2014 Heart Land is released!
15th July 2014 The Six Year Birthday Bash Contest ends in ~2 days! The 31% Happy 6th Anniversary SALE just started! It's our Six Year Anniversary! The Birthday Candle Slug has been released!
14rd July 2014 Fish Wrangler's 6th Birthday is tomorrow! We'll be releasing our sixth version of the birthday fish and giving away truck loads of FLC in treasures all week! May we have another great year!
3rd July 2014 Get 100 FLC from Cap'n Jozek for cleaning up the Farovian Fireworks this weekend!
1st July 2014 Waterport locals will be needing your help in cleaning up fireworks this weekend - new collection coming tomorrow!
23rd May 2014 Howler Fish & 4 day Howlin' at Doom Island Contest are released!
12th May 2014 Coral Lobby is released!
06th March 2014 Guardian's Gate is released!
06th July 2013 SS Graveyard is released!
23rd May 2013 SS Minefield is released!
23rd April 2013 SS Whiskey is released!
07th October 2012 Eye of the Storm is released!
07th August 2012 Stormy Straight is released!
23rd June 2012 Doom Island is released!
21st June 2012 Ten Year Storm is released!
6th April 2011 Kingsland Confluence is released in Roperia!
30th March 2011 Roperian Tournament released.
5th March 2011 The Firefly Fish and Tubeworm Fish can now be caught in Magma Reef!
9th February 2011 The region of Mount Promontory in Roperia is released with the initial island of Perilimeter!
4th January 2011 The island of Helvetica in Roperia is released!