Whacker Eel Fish

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Whacker Eel Fish
Roperian Fish
Whacker eel hidden.jpg
Min. Silver 1,608
Min. Points 1,599
Min. Tourn. Points 182 points
Min. Weight 1.75 lb / 794 g
Min. Pole Level 50 Landscaper
Min. Skill Filtration 101
Habitat (Population) Santa Francesca (Possibly Extinct)
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Description: Striking obstacles with a fast-rotating tongue, the Whacker Fish is the most superior weed destroyer in the market. Defeating this fish is considered the ultimate test for the Landscaper Pole!


The Whacker Eel is part of a Task: Catch a level 50 Whacker Eel with the Landscaper Pole!

Catching this fish unlocks the Art of Mysticism skill. The Whacker Eel Fish may cause damage to your Landscaper!

Whacked Pole: Costs 3,200 silver (Occurs on ~100% of catches with Landscaper) Last Report: “The envious Whacker Fish sought revenge on my Landscaper pole, causing damage to my lawn mower and leaf blower. The entire pole needs replacement.” -Captain Jed