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Description: Waterport is the most visited and civilized island in the Farovian Sea. Visitors will quickly recognize the strong sense of fishing within the community. Great place to begin fishing because of the large quantity of starter fish.

WaterPort is where every Wrangler first cuts their teeth at the art of wrangling. The majority of fish at these location are starter fish - they can be caught with the starting poles and skills, although experienced wranglers often come back, not least due to WaterPort being the home to the Sand Bar & Gill and the place to purchase scuba gear but also due to the presence of the special One-Day-Only fish.

WaterPort naturally has no hidden image, but it's "prequel" is Wahwahport. (To travel to WaterPort, click here!)

What to Catch[edit]

WaterPort is populated by starter fish - fish that can be caught by the lowliest of poles and the most rudimentary of skills. This provides an ideal location to learn the art of wrangling, but don't stay too long here as they provide the lowest reward in terms of points and gold.

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Miny Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard/ Fancy Rifle-pole 12Fairly Prolific 46 55 Fishing 101
Catty Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard/ Fancy Rifle-pole 12Fairly Prolific 67 60 Fishing 101
Cubey Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard/ Fancy Rifle-pole 12Fairly Prolific 80 75 Fishing 101 -
Loafy Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard/ Fancy Rifle-pole 12Fairly Prolific 130 Rewards ~3-6 Loaf Chum Fishing 101 Loaf Chum
Miss Miny Fish Level 10 Oak Branch/ Level 10 Broken Standard 12Fairly Prolific 136 125 Introduction to Chumming -
Mime Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard/ Fancy Rifle-pole 09Rare 212 200 Introduction to Chumming -
Fiesta Fish Fancy Rifle-pole 12Fairly Prolific 166 254 Art of Night Fishing Cayenne Chum
Emo Fish Fancy Rifle-pole 07Extremely Rare 328 320 Introduction to Chumming Steak Chum
Hippie Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard 11Numerous 420 420 Introduction to Chumming -
Vampire Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard 08Very Rare 505 500 Introduction to Chumming Steak Chum
Ninja Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard Almost Extinct 1,314 1,320 Fishing 101 -
Sea Tortoise Fish Level 25 Oak Branch 08Very Rare 941 776 Introduction to Chumming -
Cornucopia Fish Level 25 Broken Standard 08Very Rare 941 776 Introduction to Chumming -
Twig Fish Level 50 Oak Branch 04Critically Endangered 1,480 1,522 Introduction to Chumming -
Acorn Sea Slug Fish Level 57 Oak Branch 12Fairly Prolific 1,480 860 Art of Night Fishing -
Blossom Fish Level 64 Oak Branch 09Rare 1,610 1,030 The Art of Night Fishing -
Woodpecker Fish Level 73 Oak Branch 04Critically Endangered 1,825 1,280 Art of Night Fishing Fish Guts Chum
Poison Oak Fish Level 80 Oak Branch Almost Extinct 2,495 1,680 Art of Night Fishing -
Duct Tape Eel Fish Level 57 Broken Standard 12Fairly Prolific 1,480 860 Art of Night Fishing -
Shard Fish Level 64 Broken Standard 08Very Rare 1,610 1,030 Art of Night Fishing -
Mechanic Fish Level 73 Broken Standard 04Critically Endangered 1,825 1,280 Art of Night Fishing Fish Guts Chum
Wanderer Fish Level 80 Broken Standard Almost Extinct 2,495 1,680 The Art of Night Fishing -
Houdini Fish Level 50 Broken Standard 05Endangered 1,522 1,480 Introduction to Chumming -
Pioneer Fish Level 25 Fancy Rifle-pole 08Very Rare 1,120 968 Art of Night Fishing Fish Guts Chum
Sun Fish Level 40 Fancy Rifle-pole 07Extremely Rare 854 989 Introduction to Chumming -
Flyin Fish Level 50 Fancy Rifle-pole 04Critically Endangered 1,955 1,852 Introduction to Chumming -
Shell Fish Level 57 Fancy Rifle-pole 11Numerous 1,640 1,288 Art of Night Fishing -
Target Fish Level 64 Fancy Rifle-pole 08Very Rare 1,905 1,530 Art of Night Fishing -
Sniper Fish Level 73 Fancy Rifle-pole 03Near Extinction 2,070 1,766 Art of Night Fishing -
Marshall Fish Level 80 Fancy Rifle-pole Almost Extinct 2,405 2,105 Art of Night Fishing -
Golden Fish Level 80 Oak Branch AND Broken Standard AND Fancy Rifle-pole 01Non-Existent 5,505 5,515 -
Rosey Lion Fish Any pole n-Existent 222 Rewards ~1-10 Free Love Chum Fishing 101 -
Brokenheart Fish Oak Branch / Broken Standard 01Non-Existent 220 220 Fishing 101 Steak Chum
Cupid Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard Extinct 121 121 Fishing 101 -
Spotted Heart Octo Fish Level 25 Oak Branch/ Level 25 Broken Standard 01Non-Existent 214 330 Fishing 101 -
Qupid Fish Level 60 Fir Branch 05Endangered 1,909 1,904 Fishing 101 -
Red Luv Fish Level 0 Heart Strings 01Non-Existent 414 414 Fishing 101 -
Sweetheart Fish Level 5 Heart Strings 01Non-Existent 540 555 Fishing 101 -
Heart Puffer Fish Level 15 Heart Strings 01Non-Existent 851 847 Fishing 101 -
Love Hate Fish Level 25 Heart Strings 01Non-Existent 1,232 1,230 Fishing 101 -
Queen of Hearts Fish Level 40 Heart Strings 01Non-Existent 2,471 2,459 Fishing 101 -
Casanova Fish Level 50 Heart Strings 01Non-Existent 2,214 2,220 Fishing 101 -
Lovebird Ray Fish Level 60 Heart Strings 01Non-Existent 1,669 1,654 Fishing 101 -
Romliet Eel Fish Level 70 Heart Strings 01Non-Existent 2,088 2,082 Fishing 101 -
Cupid Crab Fish Level 80 Heart Strings 01Non-Existent 3,000 3,005 Fishing 101 -

Full descriptions of each WaterPort fish can be found in The Fish of Waterport.

Limited Time Fish[edit]

Once in a while, a special edition fish is released. These are usually only available in WaterPort so that they can be caught by any wrangler, experienced and novice alike. These fish can be caught by any pole from the beginner poles (Oak Branch / Broken Standard) upwards and the most basic of skills (Fishing 101). These limited-time fish are only available for a limited duration (typically 24 hours, but some fish have been available for 48 hours or more), although the exact timeframe can vary throughout the day. After the specified period, the Limited Time fish can still be caught, but only by by harnessing the power of Liquid Gold.

The full list of Limited Time fish so far released can be found here.

What to Buy[edit]

WaterPort's store is where new wranglers are exposed to the wide array of upgrades that can be purchased throughout the game for the very first time, and it does not disappoint. WaterPort has a very extensive store, selling a wide variety of poles, boats and skills. The list of what is available at WaterPort can be seen below.

Type Item Cost Points
Pole Oak Branch 280 0
Pole Broken Standard 300 0
Pole Fancy Rifle-pole 1,950 4,500
Pole Excali-pole 4,200 10,500
Pole Necro-pole 18,400 26,500
Pole Steam Powered Hydro-pole 45,000 120,000
Boat Beat up Dinghy 4,000 15,000
Boat Mini Cruiser 35,000 150,000
Skill Fishing 101 150 N/A
Skill Introduction To Chumming 2,950 2,000
Skill The Art of Night Fishing and Timing 3,000 17,000
Skill Habitats of Large Fish 30,000 65,000
Skill Mastering Shark Wrangling 100,000 200,000

Some items do not provide any direct benefit using them here, such as the Necro-pole or Steam Powered Hydro-pole or the later skills, thus many wranglers do not typically purchase these items until they get to Fishertonville.

How to Play[edit]

WaterPort is the first location where wranglers begin their journey. For the most natural advancement through the game, a good tactic is to purchase each item in order of minimum point value. As soon as you are able to purchase the Dinghy, head for Fishertonville. While this approach may have you occasionally waiting in order to earn sufficient gold to make each purchase, you will be suitably 'pimped out' to catch a good majority of the fish that are available in Fishertonville. Use tournaments to help build your poles levels quicker so your able to spend less time catching fish with lower gold values.

Other Notables[edit]

Earl is Cap'n Jozek's evil twin brother. To compete with Captain Jozek (who runs all the supply stores in Farovia), Earl runs his own supply store out of his house in Waterport. His house is hidden from wranglers until you have uncovered the Secrets of Farovia and received the Message from Earl.

In addition, Earl's wife BetsyLou recently inherited a family restaurant at WaterPort; the Sand Bar & Gill, which is the focus of the Quests, where dishes are created from a set menu of catches.