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Wahwahville is the second area in Fahwahvia, following Wahwahport. It was released on May 5, 2015.


Description: There's a lot of crying here in Wah-wah ville.. home to many baby fish that resemble a mix of fish from Fishertonville.

Wahwahville is the first island that Wranglers can venture that is closest to Wahwahport. It can be viewed as a natural extension to Wahwahport with many familiar baby fish and equipment to offer.

This island is considered easy to reach & there don't appear to be any requirements outside of perhaps unlocking Wahwahport first. (To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here or scroll to the bottom!) (To travel there, click here!)

What to Catch[edit]

Populated by baby-versions of various fish from WP, FV, BC, and SC, it uses new premium "baby" versions of the Fancy Rifle & Excalipole. While it provides an even lower reward in terms of points and gold than Fishertonville & so continue the art of wrangling, you shouldn't stay here too long unless you have enough gold to buy things.

The first baby versions of SC fish are found here. Unlike Fishertonville, there's no baby Necro pole here.

NOTE: As of Feb 2017, all Min Gold and Point rewards for Wahwahville fish received a 7x increase as noted in Post #13 of the Changelog Archives.

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Mizz Tiny Fish Level 0 Rocket Rod or Excali-toy 12Fairly Prolific 700 700 -
Doan Arovia Fish Level 5 Rocket Rod or Excali-toy 12Fairly Prolific 714 714 -
Zool Fish Level 10 Rocket Rod or Excali-toy 11Numerous 728 728 -
Pwincess Fish Level 20 Rocket Rod or Excali-toy 10Average 742 742 -
Stwiped Dialo Fish Level 30 Rocket Rod 10Average 770 770 -
Elwis Fish Level 30 Excali-toy 10Average 770 770 -
Sawtoof Fish Level 40 Rocket Rod or Excali-toy 10Average 805 805 -
Tigey Shawk Fish Level 50 Rocket Rod 07Extremely Rare 875 875 -
Doan Ovark Fish Level 50 Excali-toy 07Extremely Rare 875 875 -
Wobsta Fish Level 60 Rocket Rod or Excali-toy 06Threatened 910 910 -
Itzo Fish Level 70 Rocket Rod 04Critically Endangered 980 980 -
Sting Way Fish Level 70 Excali-toy 04Critically Endangered 980 980 -
Wock Fish Level 80 Rocket Rod or Excali-toy Almost Extinct 1,050 1,050 -

Full descriptions of each Wahwahville fish can be found in The Fish of Wahwahville.

What to Buy[edit]

Wahwahville has a limited store, and the rest of the poles are unviewable compared to Fishertonville & other locations.

There are no boats or skills but Wahwahville does offer two variety of poles in its store. New & old wranglers are exposed to a more expensive array of upgrades than it's adult counterpart which can be purchased throughout the game, and they get cheaper by the hour. The list of what is available at Wahwahport can be seen below.

Type Item Cost Points
Chum Phire Swudge Chum 29 N/A
Pole Rocket Rod 30,000 N/A
Pole Excali-toy 35,000 N/A

Some items do not provide any direct benefit using them here, such as the Necro-pole, Steam Powered Hydro-pole and other poles. Three of the basic chums: Generic, Steak and Cayenne are available here. Player experience also shows that Fish Guts Chum also works here.

How to Play[edit]

There's no catch on whichever pole you decide to buy. Perhaps there may be depending on the Monthly Tournament schedule. Just keep progressing the pole.

Moving on[edit]

To unlock both Wahwah Crescent or skipping ahead to Wahwah Reef:


Other notables[edit]

Wahwahville is the first introduction to Kelpie Juice, the new "baby" version of the Tarpit Stout. Drinking these will count against the Tarpit Stout.