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Wahwah Reef is the fourth location in the Fahwahvia area, after Wahwahport, Wahwahville, and Wahwah Crescent.

Wahwah Reef[edit]

Description: There's even more crying here as the fish are slightly more dangerous. But don't kid yourself, they won't do damage like their parents in Blue Crescent!

Wahwah Reef extends the fishing of Wahwahport and Wahwahville with a new variety of fish and poles available. It's best to fish here, after you have finished or made signifigant progress in other areas of the game as the fish gold/point rewards aren't worth these pole's pricetag.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!) (To travel here, click here!)

Getting to Wahwah Reef[edit]

To unlock Wahwah Reef, meet one of the following requirements:

What to Catch[edit]

There's a handful of familiar baby fish to offer, you will enjoy the artwork to compare to their older Blue Crescent adult forms.

NOTE: As of Feb 2017, all Min Gold and Point rewards for Wahwah Reef fish received a 1.5x increase as noted in Post #13 of the Changelog Archives.

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Emonseehorsie Fish Level 0 Ubeewador 12Fairly Prolific 1,050 1,050 -
Phire Phly Fish Level 3 Ubeewador 11Numerous 1,200 1,200 -
Velcro Wock Fish Level 6 Ubeewador 11Numerous 1,350 1,350 -
Phire Wion Fish Level 9 Ubeewador 08Very Rare 1,500 1,500 -
Mama Mag Fish Level 13 Ubeewador 07Extremely Rare 1,800 1,800 -
Tutu Woowoo Fish Level 23 Ubeewador 07Extremely Rare 2,100 2,100 -
Mewlted Ubee Fish Level 33 Ubeewador 06Threatened 2,250 2,250 -
Boily Fish Level 43 Ubeewador 04Critically Endangered 2,400 2,400 -
Nebooboo Fish Level 53 Ubeewador 03Near Extinction 2,550 2,550 -
Phire Phiter Fish Level 64 Ubeewador Almost Extinct 2,700 2,700 -
Onesie Jerry Fish Level 73 Ubeewador 02Possibly Extinct 2,850 2,850 -
Otto Mama Fish Level 80 Ubeewador 02Possibly Extinct 3,000 3,000 -

Full descriptions of each Wahwah Reef fish can be found in The Fish of Wahwah Reef.

What to Buy[edit]

Wahwah Reef's store stocks just one pole: the Ubeewador, which is a baby version of the Cubey Incinerator. It works with Phire Swudge Chum. The Ubeewador does not have a limit as to how many times you can fish with it, so you don't have to use Fire Extinguishers, however, be aware of the lava flow that comes every hour.

Lava Flow[edit]

There is a Lava Flow, which happens at a different time, that occurs every hour and a timer that counts down for the flow. During that flow, you will be able to catch certain lava flow fish in what appears to be a five-minute window. Fishing during the 5 minute Lava Flow brings out schools of all fish. When you catch a school of say 3 fish, it'll give you 3x the pole leveling, quest catches, points and gold.

If you activate LG, then the Lava Flow is not used, meaning you will get only single fish and not schools.

There's also a little secret that I haven't told beta testers even yet.. there's a secret way to trigger a lava flow, and it's by using a resource in a way it's normally not used. Brrrrrr....

Per Joe's hint, try using different Resources to trigger the Lava Flow or see the Spoiler page here.