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Wahwah Crescent is the third location in the Fahwahvia area, after Wahwahport and Wahwahville.

Wahwah Crescent[edit]

Description: There's even more crying here as the fish are slightly more dangerous. But don't kid yourself, they won't do damage like their parents in Blue Crescent!

Wahwah Crescent extends the fishing of Wahwahport and Wahwahville with a new variety of fish and poles available. It's best to fish here, after you have finished or made signifigant progress in other areas of the game as the fish gold/point rewards aren't worth these pole's pricetag.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!) (To travel here, click here!)

Getting to Wahwah Crescent[edit]

To unlock Wahwah Crescent, do one of the following:

What to Catch[edit]

There's a handful of familiar baby fish to offer, you will enjoy the artwork to compare to their older Blue Crescent adult forms.

NOTE: As of Feb 2017, all Min Gold and Point rewards for Wahwah Crescent fish received a 4x increase as noted in Post #13 of the Changelog Archives.

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Wider Fish Level 0 Radio Rod or Bubble Powered Aqua-pole 12Fairly Prolific 640 640 -
Wayzer Fish Level 5 Radio Rod or Bubble Powered Aqua-pole 12Fairly Prolific 1,448 1,448 -
Dasweet Fish Level 10 Bubble Powered Aqua-pole or Radio Rod 11Numerous 1,856 1,856 -
Madador Fish Level 20 Radio Rod or Bubble Powered Aqua-pole 10Average 2,264 2,264 -
Rate Wide Shawk Fish Level 30 Bubble Powered Aqua-pole 10Average 2,680 2,680 -
Baba Fish Level 30 Radio Rod 10Average 2,680 2,680 -
Coco Fish Level 40 Bubble Powered Aqua-pole or Radio Rod 10Average 3,100 3,100 -
T5 Fish Level 50 Bubble Powered Aqua-pole 07Extremely Rare 3,140 3,140 -
T15 Fish Level 50 Radio Rod 07Extremely Rare 3,140 3,140 -
Puppie Fish Level 60 Bubble Powered Aqua-pole or Radio Rod 06Threatened 3,560 3,560 -
Wadio Fish Level 70 Bubble Powered Aqua-pole 04Critically Endangered 4,000 4,000 -
Ubb Fish Level 70 Radio Rod 04Critically Endangered 4,000 4,000 -
Weller Fish Level 80 Radio Rod or Bubble Powered Aqua-pole Almost Extinct 8,400 8,400 -

Full descriptions of each Wahwah Crescent fish can be found in The Fish of Wahwah Crescent.

What to Buy[edit]

Wahwah Crescent's store stocks only two poles. Oddly you can't view any other poles while in Wahwah areas. Must be for adults only?

Type Item Cost Points
Chum Phire Swudge Chum 29 N/A
Pole Bubble Powered Aqua-pole 20,833 N/A
Pole Radio Rod 41,666 N/A

How to Play[edit]


What Chum[edit]

CHUM SHOP IS CLOSED or ran out of chum! The basic chums of Generic, Steak, Cayenne and Fish Guts are available here as is Phire Swudge Chum. But all chum except the Fantastic 4 (Fire Sludge, Blue Earthworm, Algae, and Plankton) will work here.

BPA vs RR[edit]

BPA costs 5mil to start, and RR costs 10mil. If you have issues with gold, then buying the BPA would be the smart move. But if you have 10mil and more gold to burn, and if you started early on using RLC & making every cast, it will help you get the RR's pole specific fish sooner for top 100 with less competition to worry about. Choice is yours.

Note: These poles have dropped to their lowest point now, and you can own both for less than 63k.

Moving on[edit]

If you were able to get to Wahwah Crescent, you will have already unlocked Wahwah Reef, but if you haven't then do one of the following activities: