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I, Kevin Fisher, have been a long time player of Fish Wrangler off and on since Dec 2009. My ingame FW Profile.

I am currently the main Admin for this FW Wiki. Along with game developer Joe. Joe is mostly busy developing the game however, so PLEASE address any Wiki related topics or issues with me first ideally. If you need some assistance from an Admin, please use my user talk page here: User_talk:Kevin_"Hawk"_Fisher and select 'Add Topic' at the top right to post. I will see all postings so that I can respond to you. Thanks!


About my internet user / avatar / call name. For a very long time I have been using Hawk / Hawkster or other related name versions (ie Hawk67, etc) when that user name is unavailable. First started from occasional usage playing attack / war type games and coming up with a bird of prey as ideal for these type of games. I had always liked hawks so chose that one. Back in those days I also went by many other user names depending upon the instance when not related to some type of attack game. Until I started playing a game called Second Life and needing to come up with some SL in-game name to use, in which I chose Hawk Lovencraft as I had used that recently from another prior Adult (somewhat attack based) game. I no longer play SL, but it has taken on actual personal RL significance because of my time playing SL. So since those days I have always solely used some variant of Hawk or Hawkster as next option for well over the last decade and is what many people will know me as under.