The Story of Breakfast Bay

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The Story of Breakfast Bay consists of a total of 3 Chapters which was released June 8, 2020. The requirement is having unlocked Chapter 4 of The Story of Big Love Island Adventure.

NOTE: This story was written by Lucy Snyder and the artwork was done by Diego.

To unlock this story when looking at Breakfast Bay in town map list, at first is seen message:

How to Unlock Storyline:

“Why don’t you see if you can catch a new invasive fish that’s gumming up wranglers’ poles?” says Deckhand Deb.

Prior to release this message gave hint about 'cozy up in the beautiful Red Love Bay and prepare yourself for a sticky situation.' As the invasive fish that is required to unlock the storyline is the new Rainbow Slime Fish with habitat residing in Red Love Bay. Upon first catching a Rainbow Slime Fish using the Oak Branch or Broken Standard, that will unlock the story and the first chapter.

Chapter #1: Sticky Surprise[edit]

Catch the Rainbow Slime Fish in Red Love Bay using Oak Branch or Broken Standard.

I’m cleaning the super-sweet, super-sticky Rainbow Slime Fish off my lure when another boat glides up alongside mine.

“Hey, Wrangler!” It’s Miss Amanda, the manager at Château D’Amour. She’s standing in the prow of the hotel’s fancy white touring yacht. “Deckhand Deb said I might find you out here. I have a job for you!” “What is it?” I ask.
“I’m opening up a new bed-and-breakfast in Breakfast Bay on the other side of Red Love Island... this is the first time fishing’s been allowed there! We were all set to open... but Farovian Baker’s Supply, where we normally get our pastry ingredients, went out of business. Something happened to their CEO out in Roperia, and his legal fees sunk the company.”
“Oh, yeah, I saw that on the news when I was over there,” I reply. “He got busted for dumping a whole lot of garbage in Tragedy Reef.”
Miss Amanda looks uncomfortable. “I swear I didn’t know the company was doing anything shady. But now we can’t get supplies... and you can’t have a bed-and-breakfast with just beds. Everyone’s expecting breakfast! And you can’t have breakfast without good pastries.”
“... and I’m guessing you want me to catch it?”
“Oh, would you? It’s just for a little while, and it would mean so much to me and Chef Wolfie... and I promise we’ll pay you handsomely for your efforts.”
I scratch my chin, thinking. I’ve heard rumors of the delicious, fanciful fish in Breakfast Bay, and I’ve definitely wanted to spend some time fishing there. What have I got to lose?

“Ok, it’s a deal, I'll head to Breakfast Bay right away,” I say.

Chapter #2: Guten Morgen[edit]

Travel to Breakfast Bay

Breakfast Bay has beautiful, clear purple water... and what’s that I smell? Maple syrup? Bacon? Hot coffee? Suddenly, my stomach is rumbling!

I look across the water at the island, and near the tackle shack, I see a large Victorian house nestled amongst the pine trees. It’s painted a soft pink, and the sign out front reads, “Love Island Hideaway Inn.”
I’m lost in thought, imagining what the rooms might look like, when a man calls out, “Guten Morgen, Wrangler!”
I look up. Chef Wolfie is sculling toward me in a rowboat. He’s puffing pretty hard, and his cheeks are turning red from the effort, but he looks cheerful. “Miss Amanda called to say you were headed zees way!”
“What can I do for you, Chef?”
He pulls a piece of paper out of the pocket of his white jacket and holds it out to me. “I need you to do what you do best... catch fish with one ze new poles so I can make breakfast for ze visitors!”
I take the paper from him. It’s got lists of fish for different breakfast dishes. Delicious things like coffee cake... tiramisu... shrimp and grits... my stomach growls again, much louder.
The paper has a whole lot on it, but it looks doable.
“Yeah, I can help you out.” I nod towards the Hideway Inn. “Should I bring the fish up to the B&B?”
Chef Wolfie shakes his head. “Please bring them to me at Château D’Amour... I’m doing all my cooking zere.”
The Château is a bit of a voyage from here, and I can’t say I’m thrilled to have to head back that way when the B&B is right in front of me! “How come?”
The chef looks around furtively as if to make sure we’re all alone out there on the water. “It is a secret. I am not supposed to tell.”
My curiosity is more than piqued. “But you can tell me. We’re buddies, right? I promise I won’t say anything to anyone.”
He whispers, “We haff a problem with a poltergeist.”
“A ghost? You’re kidding!”
“I am not!” He crosses his heart with his finger. “Ze lady who used to own zees house was renowned for her cooking. She died in ze kitchen. And her ghost is quite territorial! I went in zere to check ze oven, and suddenly ze pots are flying through ze air toward my head!”
He shakes his head vehemently and shudders. “I do not go in zere again until Miss Amanda hires an exorcist!”
“Whoa.” I don’t know what else to say.
“Ze good news is, she does not bother ze visitors! She just guards ze kitchen.” The chef shrugs. “It is a pain to schlepp everything each morning, but what else can one do when faced with ze angry supernatural?”
“Well, I’m glad you can roll with such a scary situation.” And I’m just as glad I don’t have to take the fish into a haunted kitchen!
The chef looks grim. “But zeriously, please do not tell anyone about ziss! It would ruin our business here.”
“I won’t.” I look out at the Hideaway Inn again, and suddenly the cheerful pink house seems creepy. “Are you sure the visitors are safe spending the night in there?”
“Zey are perfectly safe, as long as zey don’t go in the kitchen! Ve haff blocked it off for now.”

Finish the Monkey Bread Quest or Cafe Au Lait Quest and help Chef Wolfie.

The Monkey Bread Quest is the first Disher Quest, and the Cafe Au Lait Quest is the first Sipper Quest.

Great work finishing a quest! Chef Wolfie is thrilled with your catches. Hurry and complete the next Sipper or Disher Quest!

Chapter #3: Breakfast has been served[edit]

Continue on the Sipper Quests and Disher Quests. As you finish each one, you'll be prompted to do the next one on that list.

When you finish the Mango Upside Down Quest for Sipper, you will get the message:

You finished Mango Upside Down Cake Quest! One down, 3 more to go!

Once you finish the final (non-SBQ) quest for Sipper or Disher, you will have completed the chapter

I meet up with Miss Amanda and Chef Wolfie in the kitchen at Château D’Amour. The place is filled with the sweet and savory smells of all kinds of breakfast items.

“Great work!” The chef exclaims. “Ze Hideaway Inn visitors love all ze food I’ve made for zem, and I couldn’t have done it without your help!”
“You’re welcome,” I reply.
“We realize it was kind of a lot, so we’d like to give you [reward] for your fine efforts,” says Miss Amanda.
“Oh, wow, thank you!” I exclaim. “So, uh, how’s the kitchen situation over there?”
Miss Amanda’s eyes narrow suspiciously, and I quickly add, “Chef Wolfie said you had a tricky plumbing problem?”
“Ah. Yes. Right.” She clears her throat. “We hope to have that problem resolved in a couple of months. And we’ve got a new bakery supplier, so we’re all good there.”
Miss Amanda glances at her watch. “I’m late for a meeting with our accountant... I’ve got to run!”
She hurries out the door. I turn to Chef Wolfie and ask, “So how are you fixing the ghost problem?”
He beams at me. “Ve found a medium from Innsmouth Island... Madame Blanc comes highly recommended as a spiritual cleaner. She seems confident that she can make contact with our poltergeist and convince her to move to the Great Beyond.”
“That sounds rad,” I reply.
“If you vant to come to ze séance, I bet I can get you invited,” he grins.
His offer startles me, and I feel profoundly unsettled. “What? No, I mean... it’s cool she’s coming to help, but being there while she channels a ghost or whatever sounds kinda creepy....”
The chef gives you a disbelieving side-eye. “Creepy? After all the fishing you’ve done in Innsmouth?”
I shudder. “A wrangler’s gotta fish. Ghosts are another matter entirely.”
“Madame Blanc is internationally renowned... she is a real rock star in ghost hunter and exorcist circles! Getting to see her at work is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It would be a shame to miss it.”
I’m starting to feel embarrassed about being scared. The séance couldn’t really be worse than hooking a Charnel Fish during night fishing, could it? “Well... I’ll think about it.”
“Good.” He gives me a mischievous smile. “I’ll let you know when she’s here.”