The Fish of Breakfast Bay

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Fish List of Breakfast Bay[edit]

Below is a list of the 77 fish that can be found in Breakfast Bay. Click on any of the images to access more detailed information about that fish.
NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden. Red Lust doesn't count toward total.

El Scorchoast Fish Texatoast Fish Oaty Eel Fish Fruit Loopie Fish Granola Fish
El scorchoast.jpg Texatoast.jpg Oaty eel.jpg Fruit loopie.jpg Granola.jpg
Powdered Donut Fish Glazed Donut Fish Bran the Man Fish Biscuit Fish Remora Fish
Powdered donut.jpg Glazed donut.jpg Bran the man.jpg Biscuit.jpg Remora.jpg
Octomuffin Fish Muffin Boxfish Fish Cinnafin Roll Fish Barry Fish Pancake Ray Fish
Octomuffin.jpg Muffin boxfish.jpg Cinnafin roll.jpg Barry.jpg Pancake ray.jpg
French Toast Fish Crepe Ray Fish Breakfast Burbot Fish Queso Fish Crispy Albacon Fish
French toast.jpg Crepe ray.jpg Breakfast burbot.jpg Queso.jpg Crispy albacon.jpg
Canadian Albacon Fish Grits Fish Garlic Shrimp Fish Homefries Fish Hashbuck Fish
Canadian albacon.jpg Grits.jpg Garlic shrimp.jpg Homefries.jpg Hashbuck.jpg
Sausage Eel Fish Sausage Flounder Fish Bagel Shrimp Fish Cardinal Cream Fish Lox Fish
Sausage eel.jpg Sausage flounder.jpg Bagel shrimp.jpg Cardinal cream.jpg Lox.jpg
Croissant Fish Belgian Waffle Fish Chickafish Fish Omelette Crab Fish Huevolrus Fish
Croissant.jpg Belgian waffle.jpg Chickafish.jpg Omelette crab.jpg Huevolrus.jpg
Parfaitang Fish Sir Benedict Fish Quiche Qrab Fish Corned Beluga Fish Steak-n-Eggs Fish
Parfaitang.jpg Sir benedict.jpg Quiche qrab.jpg Corned beluga.jpg Steak n eggs.jpg
Sludgee Fish Skim Squid Fish Cocoa Squid Fish Cranberry Puffer Fish Orana Fish
Sludgee.jpg Skim squid.jpg Cocoa squid.jpg Cranberry puffer.jpg Orana.jpg
Ramboster Fish Cocopus Fish Black Teahorse Fish Mean Green Fish Malted Fish
Ramboster.jpg Cocopus.jpg Black teahorse.jpg Mean green.jpg Malted.jpg
Instantuda Fish Hipster Fish Tomatopus Fish Sweet Seagrass Fish Cocowhale Fish
Instantuda.jpg Hipster.jpg Tomatopus.jpg Sweet seagrass.jpg Cocowhale.jpg
Cachai Fish Horchata Fish Fruitie Fish Protein Sharke Fish Kombuchie Fish
Cachai.jpg Horchata.jpg Fruitie.jpg Protein sharke.jpg Kombuchie.jpg
Mangopup Fish Kefodka Fish Apple Puffer Fish Capu Fish Expresso Fish
Mangopup.jpg Kefodka.jpg Apple puffer.jpg Capu.jpg Expresso.jpg
Starmaid Fish Mocha Fish Sharkiato Fish O’Groupergan Fish Bloody Mary Fish
Starmaid.jpg Mocha.jpg Sharkiato.jpg O groupergan.jpg Bloody mary.jpg
Screwdiver Fish Bellini Fish Rosa Mimosa Fish Bubble Eye Goldfish Fish Sir Threebean Fish
Screwdiver.jpg Bellini.jpg Rosa mimosa.jpg Bubble eye goldfish.jpg Sir threebean.jpg
Pumpkin Spice Latte Fish Rainbow Slime Fish Red Lust Prize Fish
Pumpkin spice latte.jpg Rainbow slime.jpg Red-lust.jpg

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