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Pole Leveling strategy[edit]

Is there a way we could add the best way to level each pole?

Are there ways to level a pole better?

There is no best way to level a pole. There are only 2 things that help. Getting your bait snaked levels you but a "Didn't Catch Anything" message doesn't level your pole at all. Thus, you should use the best possible bait (Cayenne has 9%).
Red Love Chum gives twice as much leveling as regular chum and will pretty much never give you the "Didn't Catch Anything" message so RLC is the best way to level a pole, followed by using the max possible bait. Tournaments allow 15 casts very quickly so many of the veteran wranglers use the tournament to level their low level poles. You can use your SKIP's to cover the transit time between islands.
-MatthewB 04:02, 15 January 2009 (UTC)
Perhaps there's a "best way to use RLC to level poles" For example, if you have a limited amount, only using it in tournaments since you are able to save it much more frequently. BrianGreen 19:09, 30 May 2009 (UTC)
With the exception of the Cubey pole, I don't think there is any 'best' way to level a pole. It is simply the number of casts - tournament and regular.
-Buzzard192 15:14, 24 January 2009 (UTC)
There's a few ways to be successful here:
First, using either love chum allows you some leveling pros: +2 levels while equipped (means high level fish can be caught & won't steal it), 95% catch rate (No whiffs), 0% miss rate (from catchable fish)  - and you still level (aka gain experience) if you whiff, & level faster.
Second, buying RLC gives you advantages as well. They can be turned in for deckhand vouchers (20) & red sharks (16) - both which allow more trips to be made. They can be traded to others for many things: such as Collection sets, which give Deckhand Vouchers, Ice Cubes (6) for skips, and LG, which can help catch fish necessary to complete quests - and give access to the next quest, some which unlock addons for poles - this way you aren't stuck from buying the next addon for a maxed out pole. It gives faster traveling time (x2/x5), which allows you to level your boats faster & reach your destinations sooner - thus allowing you to do more passive/active trips. [Number in () is how many your allowed to use per day]
Third, knowing the level of your pole & comparing it to the fish on the island. If a higher level fish is stealing your chum (misses) - it's good to turn off any quests that may be attracting this fish or sailing to a different location you can level this pole (if possible) if your using regular chum. If using love chum, you can still level while missing & catch it sooner - missing helps save the chum from being used as well.
Fourth, Night fishing in the area of your pole gives x4 leveling, or with love chum it doubles to x8.
Fifth, if you have a large active crew, they can send you on crew trips when they're online as long as your not in Magma Reef. They can also send you MTBs, help you finish quests sooner & send things to help as well.
Sixth, opening treasure chests can give you Reduced travel times and resources that help you fish more often.
Seventh, finding or buying some resources can help you can fish sooner, repel common fish away from or attract catches for your quests. Opening MTBs have a variety of effects like taking off minutes, using 1-4 Tarpits can reduce time too, Suit Serums help earn experiencce, and the things I mentioned above also.
There's some other things as well, such doing regular or tournament casts in area using love chum with your lower leveled poles in locations that you can't catch any fish giving love chum benefits without losing chum.
Tournaments provide the best way to level any pole, even if your not able to win a tournament - you participating adds more FLC payouts to the pot - so it should be encouraged by all for others to participate. Chum is sometimes saved, so this is also the best time to use love chum outside of quests.

(written by previous author Jeydo on March 21, 2015 )


With the multipliers, the best way is use Love Chum with the pole-leveling, timer, and deckhands, but this will mean using up a LOT of Love Chum. With a good timer of at least 3x, you can get cast intervals under 5 minutes, and then combo those with skips and tarpits/MTB opens to get more casts and as the timer is closer to expiring, dump all the rest of the SKIPs / red sharks so that the waiting interval is an hour or two at most. Also turn on Deckhand Vouchers, as Love Chum will accelerate how often those get used.

For the newest poles, the deckhand multiplier will not work, and if you've been hanging on the newest islands, you might not get some of those bonuses in the bonus Treasure Chest opens.

If you are on one of those islands where the second pole is far beneath the minimum level to catch anything, you can opt to fish there and get a lot of misses, which count towards leveling anyway, and with Love Chum, you don't use the Chum either. The disadvantage is that you might miss out on making streak records on some of the low level fish, and moreover, you're getting no points / gold anyways towards your scoring.

Keep in mind that for some poles it is not worth rapidly leveling up as they will max out and you will need to complete the quests or move onto other islands in order to add-on any further. Miyuki Emi (talk) 23:36, April 28, 2020 (UTC)

Agreed, you brought up some great points here. For those that only have limited Love Chum, to make the most advantage from them is to use them with multiplier boosts. Also do not forget that Bonus boosts can stack with each other. DH bonus the timer runs quicker using LC then it does with game chum. I typically always use LC only when I have some good bonus boosts that you listed above when wanting to level up my pole. I would add though, that I typically also always use LC for any new poles. New poles has much higher odds at having misses for the first several levels, and while you do still get some pole exp with a miss, it is halved. But with using LC that will help avoid those misses and even get exp for the few rare whiffs as well, plus more importantly it helps you to level up that new pole quicker and getting out of that weak low level pole phase. All the tips given above help yet Imho, the best ways to level up poles is:
  • NF in a place for that pole with the 4x (8x with LC) exp.
  • Have large enough crew to get at least 40 MTB per day, as that gives great chances of getting more helpful boosts or timer reductions. Which leads too...
  • Use LC with those multiplier boosts - entire 1st paragraph by Miyuki Emi above.
  • Join Monthly Tournament to get extra 15 casts/day. (many casts will save the chum so consider using LC)
BUT as Miyuki stated, with most of the older locations in which pole leveling was sped up twice as fast, pole leveling strategy is often much less of an issue for those locations. Often times it will level up faster then you can complete the story line and/or quests, etc. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 09:40, April 29, 2020 (UTC)

"Didn't Catch Anything"[edit]

Are we sure that's across the board? I've noticed that the Hydro, Sonar, PS, & HL all level even with that message (but w/o RLC).

When that comment was made (back in Jan) that was the case. That got changed some time back. Currently you still don't level on a crew trip if you didnt catch anything unless RLC is used, but you do for any trips led by you. Joe's latest note on the discussion boards suggests that this could also be under revision soon. He didn't give a timescale for this change however.
Jasman 12:33, 27 May 2009 (UTC)
Now that the leveling system has changed, should we list the # of casts required for one level as points instead? Then simply explain how many points each type of cast gives? Right now all those tables seem a bit much. --Hyperchao 20:43, 1 June 2009 (UTC)


As the new add-ons in Icelantica are supposed to be short-term goals I feel the pictures should be kept locked like ::the fish pictures. What do you think? --Ajm1980 14:06, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

Even as someone that's months away from getting near the new levels, I think I agree. Either that or maybe give people a choice? Outlines by default with a marked spoiler option to link to the full pic.
Tania 23:53, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

Copied from Talk:Holy Liberator

Do we need to have the add-on images hidden anymore? They are completely viewable by looking at profiles of players on the leader boards. In gameplay it is unlike fish, where even if you see someone has caught them you can't see them yourself until you catch yourself. BrianGreen 11:44, 15 June 2009 (UTC)

and copied from Talk:Evil Obliterator

Considering anyone can view the profiles of people who have the new poles, I think it's reasonable to upload the non-hidden versions of the pole upgrades. --Hyperchao 06:08, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

Seeing as the new pole augments are being released, this topic might crop up again and its worth collating the discussions in one place.

Personally I have no leaning one way or the other as to whether the 'revealed' pictures are shown or not, but I will throw in some additional arguments to be considered.

On the "show 'em" side, you can see the full picture of the pole if you look at someone's profile - and the fish images are slighly different as the fish are the goal of the game, the poles are merely the means to the end. In addition, we do reveal the island pictures which aren't visible in the game unless you unlock that location.

But on the "hide 'em" side, to see each pole augment, you do have to find and view the profiles of wranglers who have their poles in the required range - so you do have to go to some effort to see them. Plus Joe has created 'shadow' versions of the poles for a reason (as opposed to the locked island location which is just a generic swirly grey cloud).

As its 2-2, we should leave the discussion open for a bit to see if anymore pros or cons are put forward, but whatever decision is taken, it should apply to all poles. - Jasman 12:32, 29 June 2009 (UTC)

I think, if we asked Joe he would say to keep them hidden, since that's the way it's done in the game as well. And if we choose to reveal them, he can veto it anyway.. not really our decision? --Jayberwock 19:59, 29 June 2009 (UTC)

Pole leveling Table[edit]

So, now that the pole leveling table is so big, and has so many poles, should we band the row so that they are easier to read? Something like this:

pole casts percentage
pole 1 20 5%
pole 2 50 2%
pole 3 100 1%

Except maybe have a template for the background like {{plbg}}. Miker5825 00:20, April 4, 2010 (UTC)

Agreed, and this could be used in a few of the tables we use (e.g. the fish lists on the individial island pages, e.g. Fishertonville. Due to the way in which many of the tables are built, this would have to be implemented via a template. I only played with this briefly in the past and it wasn't immediately obvious how to set this up so I postponed the idea for a later day. If anyone wants to experiment with something then feel free.
Jasman 07:02, June 17, 2010 (UTC)

Categories - Farovia / Roperia[edit]

I am removing the categories of Farovia and Roperia from this Pole page for several reasons. Mostly due to structure and to avoid any potential issues with transclusions. 1) The category of Farovia is a heading and should not include all equipment pages as that would be duplication. Just like one does not include a specific pole like Lost Kayu pole in Farovia, as it is in Category:Lost Temple, which Category:Lost Temple is already in Category: Farovia itself. So that would be duplication of categories of having that pole in both Lost Temple and Farovia which can cause continuous loop of transclusions being done. Plus that implies that Lost Kayu could be equipped in all Farovia locations ... which it can not. I think currently this will not cause any issues, but lets say someone later decides to edit and transclude the Pole page or part of the Pole page onto another page. This would then auto transclude all categories that Pole page has as well onto that other page. For example lets say later someone decides to create separate pages of Farovia and Roperia (currently does not exist instead that resides on Category:Farovia / Roperia respectively) and they decide to transclude Pole page or part of the Pole page onto the newly created Roperia page. That will also transclude ALL categories from Pole page as well, meaning the newly created Roperia page would now also have Category:Farovia on it simply because they chose to transclude Pole page onto it. 2) As stated the category of Farovia is a heading category and does not have ANY pages in it. Instead it has sub-categories which are then broken down into either more sub-categories or pages. For example looking at Category:Farovia and it reflects this currently:

Pages in category "Farovia"
This category contains only the following page.

So now it is reflecting a page inside the main category heading, which it should not be. The main category heading should only have sub-categories. 3) All islands have equipment, just as all islands have poles. One does not need to put all equipment pages in that category of Farovia because that is a given. For example in Wikipedia, all countries have basic things such as Politics, Economies, Geographics, etc as that is a given. But one would not list main page of Politics inside Category of Spain or even in Category of Nations / Countries. Just as one would also not list main page of Spain inside of main heading category of Nations, instead it is categories such as Countries of Europe, which is in category of Countries by Continent. Instead main heading categories (such as Farovia) are listed in other main heading categories. At least currently in how this FW Wiki has been structured. So Category:Farovia is inside Category:Islands which is inside Category:Gameplay. Just as Category:Equipment is inside Category:Gameplay.

4) It needs to be consistent. If you are going to add one Equipment page to categories of Farovia / Roperia; then ALL of the equipment pages must be done that way. HOWEVER it should be done in structured order that makes sense and works well. One that will avoid any potential duplications and transclusions. Currently it is not structured that way. If you are really wanting to work on categories, having said all the above I am still open to someone working on the category structure and/or restructuring it. This wiki over time due to lack of editors had fallen behind in many areas, and did not originally foresee some of its later changes. In particular the region of Farovia growing into another newer region of Roperia. Amongst some other changes. I have gone back and attempted to get FW wiki better structured, but there were a couple of things I was debating in how best to go about this especially regards to Roperia being added. So if you are really wanting to work on this, can give you a list of its current structure and some notes to ponder and go over how best to suggest possibly making any changes to its current category structure. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 09:48, April 29, 2020 (UTC)