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Boat Destination[edit]

Unsure of actual date this boat was able to reach other destinations. I have been using the boat to go to other locations for several days though, so July 12 is definitely incorrect. I noticed in Changelog Archives Post 2 which was roughly week ago and since than I have been using the boat. At first it only went to couple other places besides Lost Temple. I cant recall where, it was only a couple, think Sans Culpra and Fishertonville. Around 3 days ago (~July 9) it opened up to being able to go to most islands. This can be seen in forums as seen in first four posts and especially Warren's #4 where and when it got changed to a 2-way boat. Plus other forum posts when it reverted back by Steve reply 2nd post and even better by Paul bug forum post here. Where Paul was able to reach WaterPort using Lost Perahu, than it reverted back to auto equipping Alcatraz for short while (~day or two) and confirmed by Steve again, although Steve was able to get in couple levels prior to it reverting back. However, I personally experienced issues going to WaterPort with it changing the boat, I was still able to reach several other destinations though during this time such as Devils Cove, Poseidons Ring and Fishertonville for my Tourny locations. July 12th is when it finally seemed to be fixed, allowing to go back to WaterPort again and most other locations.

As final result, think it is best to simply leave an actual date out of this, since players were seeing different things, the issue with being able to go to WaterPort for couple days before it reverted back, and than reverted back again, etc.  Kevin "Hawk" Fisher 07:17, July 13, 2017 (UTC)

That's fine. I had started using the boat on July 10-11 (also turned on a 5x boat boost because those 119 minutes freaked me out) and going to Lost Temple would equip Lost Perahu and leaving Lost Perahu would change to a different boat. Now that the boat can go to most destinations normally (albeit slow because of my lack of boat leveling) it should be okay. Miyuki Emi (talk) 14:35, July 13, 2017 (UTC)