Sub Fish

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Sub Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 1,924
Min. Points 2,560
Min. Tourn. Points 308 points
Strength Sonar Sensor
Min. Weight 12.50 lb / 5.67kg
Min. Pole Level 57 Sonar Pulverizer
Min. Skill Secrets of Farovia
Resources Sigfried's 57th (99% Repel)
Habitat (Population) Blue Crescent (Numerous)
Blue Caldera (Average)
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Description: The sonar-sensing Submarine Fish launches deadly torpedoes to defend its territory. The fish has maintained an abundant population since prior fishing equipment could not detect movement at deep ocean levels. The Submarine Fish's concealment will be revealed with the Jet Propeller Augment.

How to catch Sub Fish:
Catch Sub Fish by using a Level 57+ Sonar Pole in Blue Crescent. Requires the skill of Secrets of Farvoia. Repel Sub Fish by using Sigfried's 57th.

Requires the Robo Jet Propeller add-on for the Sonar Pulverizer to catch.

Part of the following Quests: Surf and Turf (16 fish required)

118th fish released & also the Sub Fish's ID #. Found here: