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There are several stories in FW which are mostly used to unlock Islands or areas. These usually must be completed in order to move on to next area(s). Most stories include Chapters in which a numbered chapter you must complete a list of certain requirements (like catching certain fish) to get to the next chapter. Some also involve certain Tasks.

A lot of the older Islands these were called Quests. Typically a shorter version of a Story which included finding certain items.

This page is a collection list of all SPOILER story pages in FW wiki.

List of Stories[edit]


Sans culpra small.gif Sans Culpra Quest - Unlocking Sans Culpra

Glacier bay small.gif Icelantica Quest - Unlocking Icelantica Islands

Devils cove small.gif Parribea Quest - Unlocking Parribean Islands

Stranded-sailor-air.jpg The Story of the Ten Year Storm - Unlocking TYS Islands

Eye of the Storm Spoiler Tutorial - Walkthrough Chapters 16 - 20 for Eye of the Storm Island

SS whiskey small.gif Shipwreck Explorer Spoiler Tutorial - Unlocking Shipwreck Explorer Islands

SS Graveyard Walkthrough - Walkthrough Chapters 12 - 16 for SS Graveyard Island

Guardians gate small.gif The Story of Saving Lucidia - Unlocking Lucidia Preserve Islands

Heart Land Spoiler - Walkthrough Heart Land Island

Red-love-bay.gif The Story of Big Love Island Adventure Spoiler - Unlocking Red Love Bay story.

Breakfast-bay small.gif The Story of Breakfast Bay - Unlocking Breakfast Bay story.

Claustro-cave.gif The Story of Claustro Cave - Unlocks Claustro Cave.

Innsmouth-island.gif The Story of Eldritch Islands Adventure - Unlocking Innsmouth Island

Monsoon-lagoon small.gif The Story of Monsoon Lagoon - Unlocking Monsoon Lagoon

Earl-unpaid-tax.jpg Unlocking Roperia - How unlock Roperia

Tragedy-reef.gif The Story of Roperian Garbage Patch Adventure - SPOILER story for Roperian Garbage Patch.