Steak Chum

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Steak Chum
Farovian Chum
Steak chum.gif
Cost (Refund) 16 (16)
Chum Loss 25%
Attraction 5%
Retail Outlet WaterPort Chum Shop
Fishertonville Chum Shop
Blue Crescent Chum Shop
Sans Culpra Chum Shop
Wahwahport Chum Shop
Wahwahville Chum Shop
Wahwah Crescent Chum Shop
Lost Temple Chum Shop
WaterPier Chum Shop

Description: Steak fish food offers a slightly better fish attraction. Turns into a grilled form when used in very hot places.

Steak Chum is the only 'standard' chum that can be used in Magma Reef. Other chums burn up due to the intense heat.

Steak Chum doubles the chance of attracting the following fish:

Vampire Fish
Hate Fish
Chainsaw Marlin Fish
Vet Fish
Flamyro Fish
Brokenheart Fish
Ferret Eel Fish
Beetleel Fish