Spear Gun

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Spear Gun
Spear gun.jpg
Cost 250,000
Strength 1,303
Lure Rating 44
Min. Points 600,000
Retail Outlet Earl's House (WaterPort)

Description: The elastic-powered Spear Gun has a quick triggering system and satisfactory accuracy. This model is the most basic equipment available for scuba fishing.

The Spear Gun is Fish Wrangler's only transitionary pole. That is to say, this pole does not have a long shelf life as the aim is to upgrade this pole to the Pneumatic Spear at some juncture. At that point, the Spear Gun is converted to a Pnuematic Spear and as such, it will no longer be possible to fish anymore with this basic spear gun.

As such, this pole does not have a set of Quests associated to that pole, nor have any fish that can only be caught by that pole. The Spear Gun is not a standard pole per se, but should be viewed more of a 'stepping stone' to the Pneumatic version.