Sonar Pulverizer

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Sonar Pulverizer
Cost 200,000
Strength 4,730
Lure Rating 95
Min. Points 250,000
Retail Outlet Blue Crescent Fishing Pole Shop
Sonar Pulverizer Quests

Description: The Sonar Pulverizer is the perfect pole for highly experienced shark wranglers. Robofish can annihilate anything in its path with its homing hook-missles and rapid fire razor spear.

The use of the Sonar Pulverizer in Blue Crescent is vital in unlocking Magma Reef.


Robo Jet Propeller[edit]

High speed jet propeller for the robo fish, along with deep water satellite addons.

Complete: Shark Nuggets Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Sonar Pulverizer
Min Req: Level 50 Sonar Pulverizer
Cost: 150,000 gold
Strength: 5468
Skill Points: +738

Robo Jet Propeller

Robo Magnet[edit]

Swaps the old school hook out with a new age magnetic connection, adding extra strength.

Complete: Fish Wrap Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Sonar Pulverizer
Min Req: Level 60 Sonar Pulverizer
Cost: 300,000 gold
Strength: 5591
Skill Points: +123

Robo Magnet

Insane Robo Fish[edit]

The steel plated Robo Fish comes with all sorts of extreme upgrades that practically double its fire, laser, and cutting power.

Complete: Seafood Stirfry Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Sonar Pulverizer
Min Req: Level 70 Sonar Pulverizer
Cost: 600,000 gold
Strength: 5714
Skill Points: +123

Insane Robo Fish

Pole Exclusive Fish[edit]

All poles have fish that can only be caught exclusively by that pole. The set of fish that can only be caught by the Sonar Pulverizer are:

Rock Fish Level 10+
Glider Fish Level 15+
Joan of Arc Fish Level 25+
T150 Fish Level 50+
Bat Fish Level 53+
Sub Fish Level 57+
Vet Fish Level 64+
Purpy Fish Level 73+
Matador Fish Level 80

Rock Hidden.jpg Glider hidden.jpg Joan of Arc Hidden.jpg T150.jpg
Bat.jpg Sub.jpg Vet.jpg Purpy.jpg Matador.jpg

Nuclear Pulverizer[edit]

The Nuclear Pulverizer is the stealth upgrade of the Sonar Pulverizer pole released on July 15, 2021 (FW 13th birthday).

 Needs more info

The stealth upgrade is leveled in Blue Caldera which will also level your regular Sonar Pulverizer pole as well. Note that in the non-stealth areas like Blue Crescent, it will be treated as a regular Sonar Pulverizer and not level your Stealth upgrade. Stealth is affected by pole leveling bonuses. However, Stealth is NOT affected by Love Chum's +2 level boost, nor can you apply Liquid Gold to catch fish 2 levels prior like you can with regular poles with Love Chum active.