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Snowpeak Summit[edit]

Description: Snowpeak Summit is Icelantica's proving ground, where good and evil battle for superiority over the Snowpeak Mountain Range. This territory is where the Reigning Ice Fish has been struggling between light and darkness for thousands of years. (Released on October 20th 2009 + Quests)

Late at night on Sept 18th Sir Sig's submarine crashed into an iceberg on Snowpeak River. Chemicals spilled into the river reacting badly with the local inhabitants.

Snowpeak Summit is the final location within the Icelantica region and is where the Quest related augment fish reside, so wranglers without the Holy Liberator Augments and/or Evil Obliterator Augments will not fare well here.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

Unlocking Snowpeak Summit[edit]

Icelantica's final fishing ground can only be unlocked once the elusive Reigning Ice Fish has been caught. Upon seeing this feat, the Ancient Mariner will commend you in your excellence in wrangling the Dueling Creature and unveil the secret route to the top of Icelantica. In addition, the Ancient Mariner will also upgrade your starter tent to the Holy / Evil Shack:

Received the Icelantica Completion Profile Badge! The Ancient Mariner commended me for stopping the Reigning Ice. He unveiled Snowpeak Summit and upgraded my tent!

What to Catch[edit]

Snowpeak Summit sees the holy and evil paths diverge with only 6 fish that are common to both poles; and one of those is the low rewarding Snow Leopard Shark Fish. There are 5 new pole-specific fish available for the Holy Liberator and Evil Obliterator, but these are only available once the respective Quests have been undertaken and the respective augments have been purchased.

Completition msg: » Woohoo I've caught all 18 fish in Snowpeak River! (100%)

Fish Min. Pole Population
Min. Skill G/E
Snow Leopard Shark Fish Level 5 Holy Liberator/ Level 5 Evil Obliterator 12Fairly Prolific 1,621 1,114 Scuba Fishing License 84
Humptooth Fish Level 80 Holy Liberator/ Level 80 Evil Obliterator 10Average 2,506 1,406 Scuba Fishing License 156
Ice Prancer Fish Level 83 Holy Liberator/ Level 83 Evil Obliterator 11Numerous 2,465 1,200 Sub-Zero Survival Training 123
Rudolph the Reinbie Fish Level 86 Holy Liberator/ Level 86 Evil Obliterator 11Numerous 2,865 1,050 Sub-Zero Survival Training 168
Abdo Fish Level 90 Holy Liberator/ Level 90 Evil Obliterator 04Critically Endangered 3,865 1,830 Sub-Zero Survival Training 290
Reigning Ice Fish Level 100 Holy Liberator/ Level 100 Evil Obliterator 02Possibly Extinct 11,205 10,000 Sub-Zero Survival Training 564
Karma Fish Level 103 Holy Liberator 03Near Extinction 7,777 2,933 Sub-Zero Survival Training 389
Electric Eel Fish Level 107 Holy Liberator 11Numerous 3,370 1,000 Sub-Zero Survival Training 176
Guardian Angel Fish Level 114 Holy Liberator 08Very Rare 5,123 1,687 Sub-Zero Survival Training 262
Police Fish Level 123 Holy Liberator 03Near Extinction 10,204 2,414 Sub-Zero Survival Training 511
Saint Fish Level 130 Holy Liberator 02Possibly Extinct 15,500 3,671 Sub-Zero Survival Training 775
Piranha Fish Level 103 Evil Obliterator 03Near Extinction 7,777 2,933 Sub-Zero Survival Training 397
Blood Hound Fish Level 107 Evil Obliterator 11Numerous 3,370 1,000 Sub-Zero Survival Training 179
Arctic Hate Fish Level 114 Evil Obliterator 08Very Rare 5,123 1,687 Sub-Zero Survival Training 270
Magistrate Fish Level 123 Evil Obliterator 03Near Extinction 10,204 2,414 Sub-Zero Survival Training 520
Purgatory Fish Level 130 Evil Obliterator 02Possibly Extinct 15,500 3,671 Sub-Zero Survival Training 775
Yin Yang Koi Fish Level 130 Holy Liberator AND Level 130 Evil Obliterator 01Non-Existent 15,889 15,575 795

A rogues gallery of each Snowpeak Summit fish can be found in The Fish of Snowpeak Summit.

What to Buy[edit]

Snowpeak Summit doesn't offer anything new to purchase, with only the same equipment as Snowpeak River for sale. Since you need to be at level 100 in order to unlock the summit, this will only be useful to wranglers looking to start leveling the other pole.

Type Item Cost Min. requirements
Pole Holy Liberator 500,000 3,000,000 points
Pole Golden Shield for Holy Liberator 175,000 Pole lvl 3 / 6,000 Goodness
Pole Safety Cage for Holy Liberator 215,000 Pole lvl 9 / 13,500 Goodness
Pole Hydraulic Holiness for Holy Liberator 250,000 Pole lvl 17 / 22,500 Goodness
Pole Reel Upgrade for Holy Liberator 275,000 Pole lvl 25 / 37,500 Goodness
Pole Nitrogen Sprayer for Holy Liberator 300,000 Pole lvl 34 / 64,500 Goodness
Pole Light Sensor for Holy Liberator 320,000 Pole lvl 43 / 98,500 Goodness
Pole Nitrogen Upgrade for Holy Liberator 340,000 Pole lvl 53 / 121,500 Goodness
Pole Love Dart for Holy Liberator 360,000 Pole lvl 63 / 173,500 Goodness
Pole Wireless Camera+TV for Holy Liberator 380,000 Pole lvl 74 / 227,000 Goodness
Pole Massavior for Holy Liberator 450,000 Pole lvl 85 / 298,000 Goodness
Pole Resurrection Rack for Holy Liberator 200,000 Pole lvl 100 / ?? Goodness
Pole Rescue Net for Holy Liberator 450,000 Pole lvl 110 / ?? Goodness
Pole Celestial Transfusion Launcher for Holy Liberator 900,000 Pole lvl 120 / ?? Goodness
Pole Evil Obliterator 500,000 3,000,000 points
Pole Barbed Line for Evil Obliterator 200,000 Pole lvl 3 / 6,000 Evilness
Pole Ravaged Hook for Evil Obliterator 250,000 Pole lvl 9 / 13,500 Evilness
Pole Hydraulic Harmfulness for Evil Obliterator 270,000 Pole lvl 17 / 22,500 Evilness
Pole Dual Crankshaft for Evil Obliterator 310,000 Pole lvl 25 / 37,500 Evilness
Pole Flame Thrower for Evil Obliterator 320,000 Pole lvl 34 / 64,500 Evilness
Pole Death Laser for Evil Obliterator 340,000 Pole lvl 43 / 98,500 Evilness
Pole Flame Upgrade for Evil Obliterator 350,000 Pole lvl 53 / 121,500 Evilness
Pole Poison Dart for Evil Obliterator 360,000 Pole lvl 63 / 173,500 Evilness
Pole Death Cam+TV for Evil Obliterator 380,000 Pole lvl 74 / 227,000 Evilness
Pole Massacre for Evil Obliterator 500,000 Pole lvl 85 / 298,000 Evilness

How to Play[edit]

Unlike the other Icelantica locations, there is no special gameplay style to employ in this region. Just "Fish NOW" to catch the required pole-specific fish and complete the appropriate Quests while you build up sufficient Evilness and Goodness points to move onto the next location.

Moving on[edit]

Progressing beyond Icelantica sees you taking on a new mission and returning to the deep seas of Farovia. Once you have 450,000 Goodness/Evilness points, catching a Karma Fish or Piranha Fish will reward you with a message from the Ancient Mariner sending you on a top priority mission...

MISSION: Stop Sig before he mutates all fish in Farovia!
Recently, the infamous Sir Sigfried von Shleepskin entered the dangerous arctic waters of Icelantica to experiment with new resources. When his submarine arrived in Snowpeak River, Sig came face-to-face with the mutant Reigning Ice Fish, which caused him to lose control of the sub and violently crash into a massive iceberg.
Chemicals began to pollute the frigid waters, but Sig managed to escape from his submarine. With the Reigning Ice engraved into memory, Sig frantically headed back to Farovia to begin mutations, however, he left behind the key to his secret laboratory.

Sig's Lair Key can be found fishing in Snowpeak River. Once you have reeled it in, Sigs Lair should now be unlocked and the next adventure begins.