Sir Threebean Fish

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Sir Threebean Fish
Farovian Fish
Sir threebean.jpg
Min. Gold 36,000
Min. Points 38,880
Min. Tourn. Points ?
Strength (Multi-pole)
Bait Preference Suga Suga Chum
Min. Weight 16.69 lb / 7.6 kg
Min. Pole Level 100 Sipper and Disher
Min. Skill
Habitat (Population) Breakfast Bay (Non-Existent)
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A relative to Sir Sigfried, this scientific octopus is always creating new delightful concoctions. You'll need both poles to land this delicacy! Vietnamese three-bean drink is made with layers of mung beans, sweet red beans, fruity gelatin, shaved ice, all covered in sweet coconut milk!

The Sir Threebean is part of a Task:
No storyline message found for chap# 13 part: 1

How to catch Sir Threebean Fish:
Complete all Breakfast Bay quests (besides the SBQ) to catch this tricky octopus.

As this is a Multi-Pole Fish, this fish will require fishing with either a Level 100 Sipper or Disher pole and once receive notification of hooking this fish, switching to the opposite pole you have active and casting 'Fish Now' immediately or within 15 minutes in order to reel it in and catch it.

NOTE: As with any Multi-Pole Fish, one must harness Liquid Gold on it plus enable (turn it 'on') LG in order to catch this fish.