Sir Sigfried Fish

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Sir Sigfried Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 13,511
Min. Points 3,511
Min. Tourn. Points ?
Strength Philanthrofish
Min. Weight 18.75 lb / 8.51 kg
Min. Pole Level 80 Planktonite or
Level 80 Algaenite
Min. Skill Sub-Zero Survival Training
Habitat (Population) Sigs Wasteland (Non-Existent)
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Description: Polaroid #9!
Sir Sigfried von Shleepskin can be found traveling outside of Sans Culpra in his high speed submarine collecting data on various chemical effects. However, the myth is that he can only be caught when not in his hi-tech submarine.

How to catch Sir Sigfried Fish:

Catch Sir Sigfried Fish by using a Level 80+ Algaenite or Planktonite in Sig's Wasteland. Requires the skill of Sub-Zero Survival Training.

Sir Sigs can be encountered anywhere, but he can only be caught by fishing in Sigs Wasteland. His mix consists of 4 vials and 8 resources, and is performable by both poles as soon as you enter Sig's Wasteland. You can view the results anywhere however.

How to Unlock:
• Find the Resource Mix that mutated the Sir Sigfried.
• Then Igor can create an addon capable of catching this mutant fish. See Sig's FAQ?

Sir Sigfried is currently immune to Liquid Gold.
The final Algaenite/Planktonite addon allows wranglers to harness Liquid Gold on the previously immune Sir Sigfried.

Find the Resource Mix: (What?)

Quest Augment Ultimate Mutation