Royal Rescuer Quests

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Royal Rescuer Quests[edit]

Below is a list of the quests available for the Royal Rescuer.

Bottled Breakfast[edit]


(Difficulty: 1/10)
A blended breakfast drink overflowing with protein and tropical parrot flavors!
Pole Req: Level 15 Royal Rescuer
Quest specific tips: All of the fish may be caught in Devil's Cove but the Parrot Fish is fairly prolific in Deadwater Pass. Only go there if you have caught all of the Cattys first
Catch Req's: 9 Bottle Fish, 8 Eyepatch Catty Fish, 7 Parrot Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Admiral Salute[edit]


(Difficulty: 3/10)
An appetizer of seafood patties made with the freshest fish in Parribea.
Pole Req: Level 30 Royal Rescuer
Unlocks: Flare Gun
Quest specific tips: This quest can be completed in Devil's Cove but the Admiral Fish is easiest to catch in Krakken Rocks. You will probably end up catching them before the bottleneck Royal Guards, and hopefully a Loot fish. If Loot fish is your last though, just use LG to avoid frustration.
Catch Req's: 10 Governess Fish, 9 Royal Guard Fish, 8 Admiral Fish, 1 Loot Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Parrot Beaks[edit]


(Difficulty: 5/10)
Bird lovers beware! This crunchy dish is considered a delicacy in some countries.
Pole Req: Level 45 Royal Rescuer
Unlocks: Target Torpedoes
Quest specific tips: Catch the Parrot & Peg fish in Deadwater Pass, then head to Krakken Rocks where the Cannon Crab & Robber are more plentiful. The Robber Fish still come relatively quickly in Deadwater Pass so don't feel that you have to have Krakken Rocks unlocked to complete this quest in a reasonable time frame. Cannon Crabs will be your bottleneck fish and can only be caught in Devil's Cove or Krakken Rocks.
Catch Req's: 14 Parrot Fish, 8 Cannon Crab Fish, 7 Peg Fish, 6 Robber Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Sweet Swann Soup[edit]


(Difficulty: 7/10)
A delightfully rich Swann-chowder that's been sizzling on Betsylou's Crock Pot.
Pole Req: Level 60 Royal Rescuer
Unlocks: Allure
Quest specific tips: This quest may all be completed in a reasonable time frame in Deadwater Pass. You may choose to wait until you are able to fish at Krakken Rocks before starting this quest as the Mutinous Fish is more populous there. The Scurvy can only be found in Deadwater Pass, so start off there. Both the Map Ray and the Scurvy should finish quickly. Once you have caught all the Scurvy head to Krakken Rocks to fish for the rest, with the Swann or Mutinous being your last bottleneck fish to complete.
Catch Req's: 18 Map Ray Fish, 9 Scurvy Fish, 8 Swann Fish, 2 Mutinous Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Executioner Cut[edit]


(Difficulty: 9/10)
Like the taste of blood in your meat? Then you'll love this barely cooked filet mignon.
Pole Req: Level 75 Royal Rescuer
Rewards: 1 Liquid Gold
Quest specific tips: This quest will take quite some time without use of Love Chum. The most efficient use of LC will be to start in Deadwater Pass and catch one Black Beardopus using the Love Chum bonus. Then sail to Krakken Rocks and catch all of the fish using regular chum. This will take a number of days. Return to Deadwater Pass and turn on LC. You will get a nice bonus as it has been a number of days since your last LC catch. Because this quest rewards a Liquid Gold you may wish to use one to catch the final Black Beardopus Fish.
An alternative method as the second fish of this quest, Northern Star Fish, requires a level 83 pole is to hold off on starting this quest until after your pole is 80+. Starting off in Krakken Rocks where the Executioner should come quick and with some luck some of the Plank will be caught by time your pole is level 83 to start catching the Northern Star and finishing off the rest of the Plank. Head to Deadwater Pass using the added quest boost (plus optional boost using LC) to catch the remaining bottleneck Black Beardopus Fish.
Catch Req's: 20 Executioner Fish, 15 Northern Star Fish, 8 Plank Fish, 3 Black Beardopus Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Lemon Meringue[edit]


(Difficulty: 10/10)
A homemade tart pie made with fresh lemon juice and creamy custard filling.
Pole Req: Level 90 Royal Rescuer
Rewards: 2 Liquid Gold
Quest specific tips: This quest is all done in Krakken Rocks. The Citrus Fish come quick, but the rest of the quest is mind-numbingly slow. Also do not forget to head to Earl's house in WaterPort to get Grappling Cannon built in order to catch the Krakken. The Navigator or the Krakken will probably be your bottleneck fish.
Catch Req's: 22 Citrus Fish, 13 Three Sheets Fish, 6 Navigator Fish, 1 Krakken Fish ×1.5 when done with friend


Bonus Quest


(Difficulty: 12/10)
This delicious dark ale is crafted with eggs, ginger, and brandy – a perfect drink for a warm Paribbean night!
Pole Req: Level 100 Royal Rescuer
Rewards: 3 Liquid Gold and 200 Red Love Chum
Quest specific tips: Hard & 433 fish long. Unless using love chum only, you may want to wait for the bonus day boost since all the other fish are possibly extinct. When you reach Lv 107, the Sea Dogs may start to steal your chum so you may want to level in Deadwater Pass until Lv 110. Try to finish the first two fish, as the boost will be applied to the next fish your able to catch.
Catch Req's: 33 Navigator Fish, 3 Krakken Fish, 18 Jones Giant Squid Fish, 382 Sea Dog Fish ×1.5 when done with friend




(Difficulty: 20/10)
The Super Bonus Quest of Parribea requires Farovian Wrangler's to catch an unholy number of the rarest fish in town! Not for beginner's.
Pole Req: Level 80 Royal Rescuer
Rewards: 100 Free Love Chum, 25 Tarpit Stout, 22 Deckhand Voucher
Quest specific tips: In order to start this quest, you must have completed the quest sets for the Royal Rescuer and the Pyratic Plunder. This quest is VERY hard, and not recommended for the faint of heart. To make best use of the quest bonus, start with the first in order that they appear, switching poles when needed. Planks are more frequent so should come fairly easy which ever pole you choose to start with. Both the Three Sheets and Wench are CE fish and pole specific, so will take a bit of time. If you still haven't caught all the Krakken when they're both finished, you can elect to use LG. This quest can take up to 36,000+ casts.
Catch Req's: 314 Plank Fish, 90 Three Sheets Fish, 90 Wench Fish, 9 Krakken Fish x1.5 when done with friend ×1.5 when done with friend

Special Quests require various resources to start because BetsyLou's new boyfriend on the side is an aspiring wrangler and needs some help getting started with gold and a variety of other delightful resources!
Starting Requirements: 250,00 Gold, 10 Pistol Punch, and 7 Fuel Drum