Romantic Remora Fish

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Romantic Remora Fish
Farovian Fish
Romantic-remora hidden.jpg
Min. Gold 2,018
Min. Points 2,018
Min. Tourn. Points ?
Strength Power of Love
Min. Weight 1.00 lb / 454 g
Min. Pole
Min. Skill
Habitat (Population) Red Love Bay (Rare)
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Description: TASK FISH!
The Romantic Remora has a love that's nearly as powerful as his dorsal suction! This fish will remind you of everyone you've ever known who gets attached way too easily. This remora loves candlelight dinners, long swims along the beach, and listening to the Prince Fish's heartfelt ballads. Although the Romantic Remora is good friends with the Blue Whale Fish, it knows that there are plenty of fish in the sea. You won't catch this fishie crying over his lost loves... although you can catch him with any pole throughout Farovia.

The Romantic Remora was initially released as a contest fish for Valentine's Day and was able to be caught in all Farovia locations, with plans to be later permanently habitating new island of Red Love Bay.

Contest fish - Catch the most most Romantic Remora - anywhere in Farovia and eventually in Red Love Bay! Happy Valentine's Day!

The Romantic Remora Fish can still be caught, but only by harnessing the power of Liquid Gold on it at the island of WaterPort. To see the full Romantic Remora Fish image, click here.

TASK FISH: Catching this fish is used to unlock Red Love Bay and was initially released as a part of the Valentine's 2018 “Romantic Remora” Most Contest! just prior to the release of Red Love Bay. Upon catching the first one gave a Deb’s party invitation on her shiny new yacht which provides map directions to Red Love Bay. Following those directions (clicking link in the invite message) will instantly (no travel time first time) take you directly there and completes Chapter #1 of The Story of Big Love Island Adventure Spoiler.
Note: For those that did not catch a Romantic Remora during the contest, this fish can still be caught by going to WaterPort and harnessing Liquid Gold on this fish.