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Below is a list of the quests available for the Reelistic.

NOTE: All quests have a final quest fish that is +5 levels higher then that quests pole level requirement. So a player might want to hold off starting that quest for a couple of levels until able to catch that higher level quest fish.

Reelistic Quests[edit]

Black 'n Blue[edit]


(Difficulty: 2/10)
Catch a mess of bluegills, sunfish and black crappie for this dinner!
Pole Req: Level 6+ Reelistic
Quest specific tips: The White Bass is a level 11 pole fish. You could use a specific Chum to double your chances of catching a specific fish, but all of the quest fish are rated Fairly Prolific in Lover's Lake, except for White Bass which is rated Numerous and requires a level 11 (or level 9+RLC) Reelistic pole. You can also drop off the fish directly at Lover's Lake's The Chataeu D'Amour.
Catch Req's: 35 Bluegill Fish, 27 Sunfish Fish, 21 Black Crappie Fish, 14 White Bass Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Baked Splake[edit]


(Difficulty: 4/10)
Chef Wolfie needs a whole lot of splake for the next wedding!
Pole Req: Level 28+ Reelistic
Quest specific tips: The White Catfish requires a level 33 Reelistic. Again all fish are found in Lover's Lake and should come fairly easy with the first Black Crappie habitat of Fairly Prolific while the other 3 are Numerous habitat. Each fish also has a chum preference which can be used to double your chances if catching any one is too slow.
Catch Req's: 40 Black Crappie Fish, 17 White Bass Fish, 12 Splake Fish, 10 White Catfish Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Smelted Perch[edit]


(Difficulty: 5/10)
You overheard Chef Wolfie say that this is his other signature dish.
Pole Req: Level 44+ Reelistic
Quest specific tips: The Smelt requires a level 49 Reelistic. All of the fish are found in Lover's Lake again. The first two are Numerous habitat and should come fairly easy. The bottle neck fish will likely be either the Yellow Perch or the Smelt, which are Very Rare and Threatened respectively. One can also catch the Smelt at Heartbreak Falls if have unlocked that island, but there is no benefit in going there as it is the same Threatened habitat at both locations.
Catch Req's: 32 Splake Fish, 16 White Catfish Fish, 15 Yellow Perch Fish, 9 Smelt Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Small Brown[edit]


(Difficulty: 6/10)
Ever hear of the "hot brown" sandwich they love in Louisville? Just substitute perch for the turkey!
Pole Req: Level 55+ Reelistic
Quest specific tips: The Channel Catfish requires a level 60 Reelistic. This quest will likely take some amount of time. Start off in Lover's Lake to catch the first Yellow Perch. Players then have the option of either staying at Lover's Lake or it is recommended to head over to Heartbreak Falls to catch the next two of Smelt and White Perch. As the White Perch has a better Endangered habitat in Heartbreak Falls opposed to NE habitat at Lover's Lake. However be aware that the last fish, Channel Catfish, can only be found at Lover's Lake so will need to head back there if you chose to move to Heartbreak Falls. So fishing at Heartbreak Falls will mean being unable to catch any Channel Catfish while knocking out the other two fish.

The Channel Catfish with a Almost Extinct habitat will likely be your bottle neck fish regardless which island route one takes and will likely take a decent amount of time catching 13 of them unless choosing to use some boosts like Love Chum and/or even Liquid Gold.
Catch Req's: 28 Yellow Perch Fish, 17 Smelt Fish, 15 White Perch Fish, 13 Channel Catfish Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Buttered Burbot[edit]


(Difficulty: 7/10)
Mm, mm! This is nearly as good as buttered lobster!
Pole Req: Level 69+ Reelistic
Quest specific tips: The Burbot requires a level 74 Reelistic. All of the fish can be found at Heartbreak Falls. Start off with the Allure Chum to catch the Smelt. With some luck, most of the Smallmouth Bass and Burbot will be caught while eliminating the Smelt, as they have Fairly Prolific and Numerous habitats respectively. If not might want to switch to the Stinky Chum which will attract the last two Brown Bullhead and the Burbot. The Smelt or the Brown Bullhead both with a Threatened habitat will likely be your bottle neck fish. Even though the Smelt starts off with a quest boost, as there are 34 of them it still might be your last fish needed to finish. This quest will likely go quicker then the prior one though.
Catch Req's: 34 Smelt Fish, 22 Smallmouth Bass Fish, 10 Brown Bullhead Fish, 20 Burbot Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Salmon Surprise[edit]


(Difficulty: 7.5/10)
You need to catch a surprising number of fish for this dish!
Pole Req: Level 94+ Reelistic
Quest specific tips: The Walleye requires a level 99 Reelistic. All of the fish are in Heartbreak Falls. Both the first White Perch and last Walleye are Endangered and as such might be your bottle neck fish. So start off with Frisky Chum to attract and knock out the larger amount of 35 White Perch. After the White Perch are eliminated switching to Allure Chum which will attract any of the remaining three that still needs to be caught. It is likely will already have eliminated all the Atlantic Salmon and Coho Salmon at Numerous and Average habitats respectively by the time have finished the White Perch though.

Side note: during doing this quest, or shortly after completed, will need to catch your 100 lbs of Steelhead Trout Fish in order to advance the The Story of Big Love Island Adventure Ch #7 - Part #2 storyline in order to unlock Rakkaus Tarn.
Catch Req's: 35 White Perch Fish, 21 Atlantic Salmon Fish, 19 Coho Salmon Fish, 10 Walleye Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Trout Pie[edit]


(Difficulty: 8/10)
Colorful desert pie, with something for everyone.
Pole Req: Level 115+ Reelistic
Quest specific tips: The Shortnose Sturgeon requires a level 120 Reelistic. Start off in Heartbreak Falls with the Allure Chum active for the Lake Whitefish. You could head over to Rakkaus Tarn as the Steelhead Trout and the Bull Trout both have better habitats in Rakkaus, but keep using Allure. The Shortnose Sturgeon can only be found at Rakkaus Tarn Heartbreak Falls with Almost Extinct habitat and might be your bottleneck fish. Use Frisky Chum on that last one.
Catch Req's: 20 Lake Whitefish Fish, 19 Steelhead Trout Fish, 10 Bull Trout Fish, 5 Shortnose Sturgeon Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Fried Catfish[edit]


(Difficulty: 9/10)
Many folks think that catfish is best when it's lightly battered and fried and served with hush puppies!
Pole Req: Level 123+ Reelistic
Quest specific tips: The Flathead Catfish requires a level 128 Reelistic. Please take note that player will not be able to catch the Flathead Catfish until it is unlocked by following in fish description, Hunting for sparkles than go noodling for him. Fish at Rakkaus Tarn. Use Allure for Steelhead and Bull, Generic Chum for Blue, and Frisky for Flathead.
Catch Req's: 41 Steelhead Trout Fish, 32 Bull Trout Fish, 29 Blue Catfish Fish, 10 Flathead Catfish Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Poached Sturgeon[edit]


(Difficulty: 9.5/10)
This vinegar-poached sturgeon with a butter-thyme-bass sauce is a delight!
Pole Req: Level 155+ Reelistic
Quest specific tips: The Gulf Sturgeon requires a level 159 Reelistic but that should be reachable from just regular fishing as there are a bunch of fish that need to be caught anyway. Flathead prefers Frisky, Pallid and Largemouth prefers Allure, and Gulf prefers Stinky. Fish at Rakkaus Tarn.
Catch Req's: 43 Flathead Catfish Fish, 35 Pallid Sturgeon Fish, 27 Largemouth Bass Fish, 9 Gulf Sturgeon Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Rakkaus Wedding Cake[edit]


(Difficulty: 10/10)
You'll need to catch a whole lot of rare fish for this deliciously rich cake!
Pole Req: Level 175+ Reelistic
Rewards: 2 Liquid Gold first time, 1 Liquid Gold afterwards
Quest specific tips: The Northern Pike requires a level 180 Reelistic. Gulf Sturgeon, Chinook Salmon, and Northern Pike prefer Stinky Chum. Muskie Fish prefer Allure Chum. Fish at Rakkaus Tarn.
Catch Req's: 29 Gulf Sturgeon Fish, 10 Chinook Salmon Fish, 33 Muskie Fish, 1 Northern Pike Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Big Love SBQ[edit]



(Difficulty: 20/10)
The Super Bonus Quest of Red Love Bay, Lover's Lake, Heartbreak Falls, Rakkaus Tarn (Big Love) requires Farovian Wranglers to catch an unholy number of the rarest fish in town! Not for beginners.
Pole Req: Level 180 Reelistic
Rewards: 110 Free Love Chum, 55 Red Sharks, and 5 Liquid Gold
Quest specific tips: In order to start this quest, you must have completed the quest sets for the Reelistic Poles. This quest is very, VERY hard, and not recommended for the faint of heart. Needs INFO.

Starting Requirements: 1,400,000 Gold, 19 Sigfried's 57th, and 54 Chili Sauce
Catch Req's: 200 Cupid Fish, 200 Yellow Perch Fish, 250 Coho Salmon Fish, 250 Largemouth Bass Fish ×1.5 when done with friend