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This the first of four island locations of Big Love Islands of a region in Farovia. It has a Love / Valentine event theme and was initially released on Feb 28, 2018. It is also the 35th island location in Farovia (57th in-game).

The Big Love story was written by Lucy Snyder (player and author) and the art was done by new artist Zie Fauzi.

Red Love Bay[edit]

Description: The bay is always full of fancy yachts and party boats and is a fabulous vacation destination! Cast from your boat to catch an assortment of fish normally only found on Valentine’s Day!

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

Unlocking Red Love Bay[edit]

You must first catch a Romantic Remora Fish which will give you an invite to Deckhand Deb's party.

If you did not catch a Romantic Remora during it's contest, one can still catch this fish by going to WaterPort and harnessing Liquid Gold on it. Upon your first catch you will get the message to Deb's invite. Inside the message is a link to go to Red Love Bay. Clicking that link will instant travel to Red Love Bay and complete Chapter #1 of The Story of Big Love Island Adventure Spoiler.

What to Catch[edit]

One does NOT need to have the new Reelistic pole in order to catch any fish in Red Love Bay, as that pole is not unlocked until after completing a couple of tasks first. All fish can be caught using most poles, currently the Alcatraz, Holy Liberator / Evil Obliterator, Algaenite, and Royal Rescuer / Pyratic Plunder poles does not work in Red Love Bay and results in an error message. Also the two poles which can not be used on top of the surface, Cubey Incinerator and Pneumatic Spear can not be equipped here.

All Red Love Bay fish are from Special Occasion / Limited Time past Valentine events. This now gives the player two options. By going to WaterPort and harnessing Liquid Gold on it (once harnessed can be caught at any island), or coming to Red Love Bay for increased odds with its lower habitat population in Red Love Bay.

NOTE: Only the fish that have retired poles (Fir Branch Pole & Heart Strings Pole) needs to still harness LG. The rest using active poles (Oak Branch / Broken Standard) can be caught at Red Love Bay without using LG (although you can still use LG on any of these fish to increase your odds and catch it quicker in Red Love Bay if you choose). The fish that can be caught here without using LG is: Brokenheart Fish, Cupid Fish, Soulmate Squid Fish, Spotted Heart Octo Fish, and Valentine Clam Fish.

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Romantic Remora Fish 09Rare 2,018 2,018 -
Rosey Lion Fish Any pole 02Possibly Extinct 222 Rewards ~1−10 Free Love Chum Fishing 101 -
Brokenheart Fish Oak Branch / Broken Standard 09Rare 220 220 Fishing 101 Steak Chum
Cupid Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard 09Rare 121 121 Fishing 101 -
Soulmate Squid Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard 09Rare 1,202 1,202 Fishing 101 -
Spotted Heart Octo Fish Level 25 Oak Branch/ Level 25 Broken Standard 09Rare 214 330 Fishing 101 -
Qupid Fish Level 60 Fir Branch 09Rare 1,909 1,904 Fishing 101 -
Red Luv Fish Level 0 Heart Strings 08Very Rare 414 414 Fishing 101 -
Sweetheart Fish Level 5 Heart Strings 07Extremely Rare 540 555 Fishing 101 -
Heart Puffer Fish Level 15 Heart Strings 07Extremely Rare 851 847 Fishing 101 -
Love Hate Fish Level 25 Heart Strings 06Threatened 1,232 1,230 Fishing 101 -
Queen of Hearts Fish Level 40 Heart Strings 05Endangered 2,471 2,459 Fishing 101 -
Casanova Fish Level 50 Heart Strings 05Endangered 2,214 2,220 Fishing 101 -
Lovebird Ray Fish Level 60 Heart Strings 04Critically Endangered 1,669 1,654 Fishing 101 -
Romliet Eel Fish Level 70 Heart Strings 03Near Extinction 2,088 2,082 Fishing 101 -
Cupid Crab Fish Level 80 Heart Strings 02Possibly Extinct 3,000 3,005 Fishing 101 -
Valentine Clam Fish Level 25 Oak Branch or Broken Standard 09Rare 244 352 Fishing 101 -
Rainbow Slime Fish Level 0 Oak Branch or Broken Standard 13Overflowing 2,600 2,500 Fishing 101 Suga Suga Chum

A rogues gallery of each Red Love Bay fish can be found in The Fish of Red Love Bay.

What to Buy[edit]

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The following equipment is available from the Snuggler's Cove Shop:

Type Item Cost Points
Pole Reelistic 65,000 N/A
Chum Frisky Chum 140 N/A
Chum Allure Chum 170 N/A
Chum Stinky Chum 130 N/A
Boat Bass Boat 1,000 N/A

How to Play[edit]

A player can use Red Love Bay to catch any of the past Valentine limited time fish without needing to harness and use one of your Liquid Gold for any of the fish requiring an active pole. Also in order to complete The Story of Big Love Island Adventure Spoiler, by following the steps involved. Starting off with catching the required 3 Cupid Fish to reach Chapter #2 of the story.

Moving On[edit]

Lover's Lake[edit]

One can move on to the next Big Love Island location of Lover's Lake by purchasing the Bass Boat.

Breakfast Bay[edit]

To move to the new Breakfast Bay, you need to have completed the Chapter #4 of The Story of Big Love Island Adventure[1] and then catching the Rainbow Slime Fish in Red Love Bay using Oak Branch, Broken Standard, or Reelistic.