Razor Wire Eel Fish

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Razor Wire Eel Fish
Roperian Fish
Razor wire eel hidden.jpg
Min. Silver 1,480
Min. Points 1,523
Min. Tourn. Points 174 points
Min. Weight 2.06 lb / 936 g
Min. Pole Level 50 Crapolé
Min. Skill Filtration 101
Habitat (Population) Santa Francesca (Possibly Extinct)
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Description: DANGEROUS!
This red-tailed water snake can slash predators with its razor spine that shines. Expect some serious Crapole damage from this maniacal eel.

The Razor Wire Eel drops the Razor Spool Collectable ~46% of the time!

Damages pole with Slashed Tele-wires on ~90% of catches.

Last Report: “The Razor Wire Eel slashed the telephone poles and wires on my Crapole, causing a small electrical fire in Santa Francesca. The entire pole needs to be rewired. ” -Wranglin Bob