Rabid Raccoon

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Lake Freezberg is home to the dangerous Rabid Raccoon...

The Rabid Raccoon sporadically visits wranglers fishing in the Lake Freezberg region. When it approaches, you will see the following message:

"The Rabid Raccoon is near by..."
"What do you want to do?"

You are given 4 options:

  1. Stay calm and don't move.
  2. Take off and run.
  3. Offer it my next few catches. (depends on the Rabid Raccoon's hunger)
  4. Shoot with the Love Dart/Poison Dart! (works best with a level 66+ pole)


Wranglers can gain or lose gold and goodness/evilness points depending on the option chosen, pole level and chance. Examples of possible outcomes for choosing each option are provided below:

Choosing option 1:

  • Yes! The rabid raccoon left me alone! Gained 1,785 gold and 344 evilness/goodness from the Rabid Raccoon!
  • No! The rabid raccoon noticed me! It took 3,650 gold and 348 evilness/goodness from me.

Choosing option 2:

  • Yes! I lost the rabid raccoon! Gained 2,386 gold and 459 evilness/goodness from the Rabid Raccoon!
  • No! I couldn't escape the rabid raccoon's quickness. It took 1,485 gold and 287 evilness/goodness from me. (You will be sent back to San Digloo)

Choosing option 3:

  • Yes! The Rabid Raccoon was just testing me and isn't hungry!
  • Yes! The Rabid Raccoon appreciated my kind gesture and decided not to take my next catch because I'm such a classy wrangler!
  • The rabid raccoon accepted the offer and is waiting for my next catch. Gained 5,571 gold and 1,158 evilness/goodness from the Rabid Raccoon!
Note: The Rabid Raccoon will take your next 1-3 catches (excluding crew and captain trips). You will not receive points, gold, or goodness/evilness for these catches. You will receive quest credit for catching a fish if otherwise applicable. The Flying Penguin or Polar Bear will accept catches on behalf of the Rabid Raccoon if you travel away.
While the Rabid Raccoon is awaiting your next catch, you will see messages such as:
  • “*Thinks about robbing banks instead of waiting for fish...*”
  • “*Adjusts red bandana, then scratches ice where an old fish once was*”
  • “Ya don't wanna know what I did to the last wrangler who didn't catch me a fish.”
  • “*Sniff... sniff* *mmmmmm*”
  • “*Scratch* *Scratch*”
  • “Rrararrrrrgggle barrrggblele eeeeerrrgglelble”
  • “Fish...”

Choosing option 4 (requires Love Dart or Poison Dart add-on):

  • Yes! The rabid raccoon couldn't bear the love/sting and took off! Gained 2,745 gold and 522 evilness/goodness from the Rabid Raccoon!
  • No! The rabid raccoon took advantage of my dart shooting inexperience and attacked! It took 5,490 gold and 522 evilness/goodness from me.

Rabid Raccoon Collectables[edit]

Collectables are a "glory award" / "achievement award" that wranglers can show off. Each collectable belongs to a specific collection set and vary in rarity.

The Rabid Raccoon items can be found in the advanced stages of Icelantica when the coon goes out on the prowl.

Rewards: (2) Large Ice Cube & (7) Deckhand Voucher


Fake Ear (Rare)
The Raccoon's ear is made of synthetic fibers, as it's a fake ear that detaches with ease. This rabid little ear muff has seen numerous battles.

This collectible may be dropped when using any of the options except running away.
  • “Ahh! I nearly took the Rabid Raccoon's Fake Ear!
  • “I received the Rabid Raccoon's Fake Ear!

Kickin Paw (Very Rare)
The Raccoon paw is a fairly difficult find, as the rabid raccoon has swift kicking action and doesn't give this gem away with ease.

This collectible may be dropped when sharing your catch.
  • “Ahh! I nearly took the Rabid Raccoon's Kickin Paw!

Fluffy Tail (Extremely Rare)
The Raccoon's tail is a rare find. You won't see this tail on top of a Daniel Boone hat.

This collectible may only be dropped when using the Love/Poison Dart option.