Pox Fish

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Pox Fish
Roperian Fish
Pox hidden.jpg
Min. Silver 788
Min. Points 789
Min. Tourn. Points 91 points
Min. Weight 1.31 lb / 595 g
Min. Pole Level 40 Floral Standard
Min. Skill Filtration 101
Habitat (Population) Santa Francesca (Endangered)
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Description: TASK FISH! DANGEROUS! A deadly strain of the chicken pox virus is quickly wiping out this rare breed, and Roperian scientists are eagerly looking for a cure before it’s too late. This sick fish can only be caught with a highly leveled Floral Standard Pole.

The Pox is part of a Task: Catch a level 40 Roid Fish or Pox Fish.

Catching the Pox fish with a level 40+ Floral Standard unlocks the Landscaper pole for purchase.

The Pox drops the Sick Flowers Collectable ~15% of the time!

The Pox Fish may cause damage to your Floral Standard! Sickened Pole: Costs 1,700 silver (Occurs on ~80% of catches with Floral Standard) Last Report: “The ill Pox fish infected the beautiful flowers on my Floral Standard, so the pole needs to be completely replaced. I do NOT want to contract this deadly pox virus!” -Dangerous Joebob