Pneumatic Spear

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Pneumatic Spear
Spear gun addon.jpg
Cost 200,000
Strength 1,604
Lure Rating 127
Min. Points 600,000
Retail Outlet Earl's House (WaterPort)
Pneumatic Spear Quests

Description: The Pneumatic Spear operates on internal air that is recompressed very easily underwater. The add-on allows for top-notch accuracy to catch the rarest fish while scuba fishing.

The Pneumatic Spear is an upgrade for the standard Spear Gun. It can only be purchased from Earl at his house in WaterPort once the Spear Gun has reached a level of 10. More details on the conversion rate can be seen below.

As it is an upgrade, it will convert the existing Spear Gun into the Pneumatic variation, i.e. it is only possible to have one or the other, not both types of Spear Gun.

The Pneumatic Spear Gun can only be used underwater at Sans Culpra. Wranglers must switch to scuba mode in order to successfully fish with this pole. Using the Pneumatic Spear anywhere else will reveal the message WATCH OUT! You can hurt someone with that spear! Please only use it while diving. Toggle to scuba fishing mode?

Spear Gun to Pneumatic Spear Conversion Info[edit]

A level 10 Spear Gun is converted to a level 5 Pneumatic. If the Spear Gun has been leveled beyond level 10 at the time of the upgrade, the additional levels will be pro-rated to their equivalent on the Pneumatic (each pole levels at different rates, so an additional 5 levels on a Spear Gun does not equal 5 levels on a Pneumatic - for more information on the leveling rate of the two poles, see Pole Leveling). The upgrade converts the catches and steals that were made on the Spear Gun beyond reaching level 10 into what that equals on the Pneumatic.

It appears that any catches or steals after you have maxed your Spear Gun to 100% of level 50 continue to count towards the conversion to the Pneumatic, as revealed through wranglers' experiences. It is not known whether this is through game design or an oversight which may be changed at any point.

Appr. level comparison for upgrading ¹

Spear Gun
Pneumatic Spear
10 - 0% 5 - 0%
10 - 100% 5 - 30%
15 - 100% 6 - 86%
20 - 100% 8 - 43%
25 - 100% 9 - 100%
30 - 100% 11 - 55%
32 - 40% 12 - 0% ²
35 - 100% 13 - 11%
40 - 100% 14 - 68%
42 - 0% 15 - 0% ³
45 - 100% 16 - 24%
50 - 100% 17 - 80%

¹ this table created using math, not experiential results
² Pneumatic Spear level 12 is the minimum to catch the Sting Ray Fish, the first additional fish after the Mammoth Squid Fish at level 7 of the Spear Gun
³ Pneumatic Spear level 15 opens up the Samurai Shake Quest.



Provides extra light that is needed in the gloomy waters of Sans Culpra.

Complete: Wrangler O's Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Pneumatic Spear
Min Req: Level 50 Pneumatic Spear
Cost: 175,000 gold
Strength: 2342
Skill Points: +738


Canisters of Love[edit]

Upgrades the single cannister cartidge with three, which allures the higher level fish.

Complete: Calamari Delight Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Pneumatic Spear
Min Req: Level 60 Pneumatic Spear
Cost: 350,000 gold
Strength: 2465
Skill Points: +123

Second Upgrade

Spears of Doom[edit]

Replaces the three shabby spears with dozens of gold plated spears that unlock the strongest fish of Sans Culpra.

Complete: Clamoodles Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Pneumatic Spear
Min Req: Level 70 Pneumatic Spear
Cost: 700,000 gold
Strength: 2588
Skill Points: +123

Third Upgrade

Pole Exclusive Fish[edit]

All poles have fish that can only be caught exclusively by that pole. The number of fish exclusive to the Pneumatic Spear was initially assumed to be at a similar quantity to the Cubey Incinerator (i.e. the majority of the Sans Culpra fish), but the recent discovery of Sig's Underwater Lab close to Sans Culpra has revealed that many of these fish can also be caught by the Algaenite and/or Planktonite when fishing in the lab locations.