Plastic Island

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Plastic Island

Plastic Island is the second of two Islands in the Roperian Garbage Patch region and was first released on January 16, 2019.

Tragedy Reef[edit]

Description: Plastic Island is an enormous floating mass of plastic trash and other discarded debris out in the middle of the ocean. Some sea creatures are attempting to live here, but it's difficult in such a polluted environment.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

Unlocking Plastic Island[edit]

In order to move on to Plastic Island, you'll need to complete the first five Remediator Quests and the first five Deputy Quests in Tragedy Reef. Your poles will max out at level 55 otherwise. You must also buy a Garbage Sweeper.

What to Catch[edit]

Fish Min. Pole Min. Skill Population Status Min. Points Min. Silver Chum Preference
Grosser Level 36 Deputy 08Very Rare 2,605 2,755 -
Throttled Otter Fish Level 35 Remediator 07Extremely Rare 2,368 2,349 -
Wreckage Ralph Level 40 Deputy 07Extremely Rare 2,605 2,675 -
Awkward Seal Fish Level 39 Remediator 07Extremely Rare 2,444 2,400 -
Captain Tanked Level 52 Deputy 12Fairly Prolific 2,100 2,126 -
Bottle-Nosed Dolphin Fish Level 52 Remediator 12Fairly Prolific 2,505 2,506 -
Dumper Level 55 Deputy 11Numerous 2,227 2,200 -
Greasy Pelican Fish Level 55 Remediator 11Numerous 2,680 2,608 -
Lazy Cruiser Level 61 Deputy 10Average 2,328 2,300 -
Tchotchke Level 65 Deputy 09Rare 2,531 2,500 -
Trawler Level 71 Deputy 04Critically Endangered 3,746 3,700 -
Silvertongue Level 74 Deputy 08Very Rare 2,733 2,700 -
Dirty Lieutenant Level 81 Deputy 08Very Rare 2,835 2,800 -
Toxic Lobbyist Level 86 Deputy 04Critically Endangered 3,847 3,800 -
Pocketed Politician Level 89 Deputy 06Threatened 2,885 2,850 -
Dirtco CFO Level 94 Deputy 02Possibly Extinct 4,151 4,100 -
PlastiCo CEO Level 100 Deputy 02Possibly Extinct 6,074 6,000 -
Phanta Ray Fish Level 61 Remediator 04Critically Endangered 3,600 3,621 -
Soft-Shelled Crab Fish Level 66 Remediator 09Rare 2,309 2,305 -
Itchy Tuna Fish Level 71 Remediator 08Very Rare 2,350 2,353 -
Scuppered Scallop Fish Level 75 Remediator 04Critically Endangered 2,433 2,403 -
Sterile Sturgeon Fish Level 79 Remediator 08Very Rare 2,426 2,425 -
Queasy Manatee Fish Level 86 Remediator 07Extremely Rare 2,459 2,451 -
Wasted Walrus Fish Level 90 Remediator 06Threatened 2,488 2,474 -
Ailing Whale Fish Level 97 Remediator 02Possibly Extinct 4,265 4,204 -
Kranky Kraken Fish Level 100 Remediator 02Possibly Extinct 5,025 5,000 -

A rogues gallery of each Lover's Lake fish can be found in The Fish of Plastic Island.

What to Buy[edit]

Equipment for The Story of Roperian Garbage Patch Adventure is bought at Glacier Shack.

How to Play[edit]

As with the Tragedy Reef, you must have a Garbage Sweeper and have an active Bounty Hunter License. They can be found after the bottom of any of the purchasing poles/add-ons/chum lists. They cost 199,999 and 49,999 silver respectively.

Using the Garbage Sweeper, you must "Sweep" the trash, which will clear out the area for 60 minutes, during which you can fish as normal. When used, it gives you a chance at finding a piece of the Garbage Cleanup Collectables set. If you have handed in this set, then the Sweep will clear out the area for much longer, and you will no longer be required to Sweep before fishing, but you can Sweep anyways to try to get more Collectables.[1] Sweeping will also reset the timer for the Trash Trimmer in Tragedy Reef, and vice versa. It may also affect other timers in other areas.

You also need to have a Bounty Hunter License which has to be renewed every 30 days. If this is not renewed, you risk the chance of being caught by the Roperian Coast Guard, which will result in being deported to Glacier Shack and a fine of 20,000 silver. You can hand in Collectable sets to get more licenses or you might luck out and find one from sweeping/trimming. If you have licenses from handing in Collectables, be sure to Activate that one instead of selecting Renew, otherwise you'll be paying the 49,999 silver to buy a license.


You'll be able to continue on in The Story of Roperian Garbage Patch Adventure starting from Chapter 7 here.


  1. Forum Post #41 by Joe Faron: "Adjusted trimming to what I originally wanted.. should be about 10x less frequent after handing in a set.. whereas my last change bugged it and caused it to basically never trim."