Mutinous Fish

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Mutinous Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 9,200
Min. Points 12,681
Min. Tourn. Points 1,455 points
Min. Weight 25.19 lb / 11.43 kg
Min. Pole Level 60 Royal Rescuer
Level 60 Pyratic Plunder
Min. Skill Truth of Piracy and Rescue
Habitat (Population) Deadwater Pass (Possibly Extinct)
Krakken Rocks (Critically Endangered)
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Description: CLUE FISH!
The blood red color of the Mutinous Fish should be an indicator of the ruthlessness in this breed. This old buccaneer has been around for ages and mastered the action of looting, flogging and killing. Many question the treasure box, but the contents remain a mystery to all...

Catching your first Mutinous Fish will unlock Clue 7 of 7 required to complete the Kranka puzzle.