Medusa Jelly Fish

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Medusa Jelly Fish
Roperian Fish
Medusa-jelly hidden.jpg
Min. Silver 1,225
Min. Points 1,219
Min. Tourn. Points 141 points
Min. Weight 2.25 lb / 1.02 kg
Min. Pole Level 64 Legionnaires Lance
Min. Skill Mythology of Roperia
Habitat (Population) Helvetica (Threatened)
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Description: Once known as beautiful Jelly Fish, the Medusa wished to see the sun in south Roperia. Poor Medusa was unaware of her fate, as the southern spider turned her into a spider like jelly fish with the looks of a dirty eel. No one has seen the great southern spider since...

Damages poles with "Shattered Mirror" ~80% of time