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Join and begin your journey as an aspiring Fish Wrangler on an island in the middle of the Farovian Sea. Do you have what it takes to become a Shark Wrangler Extraordinaire? Join the challenge now! You can play through either Facebook using the FW app or via the stand-alone FW platform.

Join the official Facebook FW group or the official Discord to talk and chat with other players. Or the ingame forums.


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  1. Roperia Action Center‏‎ (6,298 views)
  2. Earl‏‎ (4,719 views)
  3. Quests‏‎ (3,110 views)
  4. Islands‏‎ (2,560 views)
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Latest Game News   (update)

9th Nov 2021 The Veterans Day Contest ends in ~3 days! The 23% Danzic's Dynamite Sale ends in ~1 day! Released Roperian World Map! 3 new shuttling fish and 3 new voyaging (trolling net) fish coming this week!
30th Sep 2021 Released animated Farovian World Map - post bugs on forum, still a work in progress! Plus, Jillian is working on a new series of levels! ;) The secret cavern within Blue Crescent is now open! Finishing up animated Roperia map & a couple new shuttling/voyaging fish!
19th May 2021 Ajax'd Kelpie Juice, Tarpits and Ice Cubes, so you can fish faster! We raised $1.6k for Direct Relief and $400 to Sewa, top rated charities helping in India. “Released da Stealth Necro Net!” -Earl. The Ancient Mariner now offers Auto NF!
8th Apr 2021 Released Epic Bonuses - use them anywhere! “Fishertonburg + Excalinja Stealth Moderooski ben re-least!” -Earl!
1st Apr 2021 Added new settings for tourny pole selection & random treasure chests. Released list of fish catchable per pole, linked on each poles page in shop.

What's New  (update)

15th July 2021 The Diego's 3rd Anniversary Contest ends in ~6 days! Released 6 new Shuttling and Open Seas (Trolling Net) fish {7 actually, Joe can not count}! Deckhand Deb followed some mermaids to the west side of Roperia and discovered Terranea, a Mediterranean territory unlike the rest of dirty Roperia!
15th July 2021 The Birthday Shark Party Contest ends in ~5 days!
24th Jun 2021 The secret cavern within Blue Crescent is now open!
26th May 2021 The International Peacekeepers Contest ends in ~6 days! Join FB Event to double FLC reward, if you place in top 10! Ajax'd Sir Sigfried's Resource Exchange!
8th Jun 2020 Breakfast has been served!

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Official Changelog

December 2021 Changelog (Post #1)
Released contest celebrating Diego Ortega (our artists) 3rd anniversary! with 2 new shuttling fish and 4 voyaging fish! https://fish...
2021-12-02 23:32:24
November 2021 Changelog (Post #1)
Sorry for the delay in releases.. the whole family here (besides Kai somehow) caught covid and we're fortunately all through it safely it seems.
2021-11-10 01:56:13
October 2021 Changelog (Post #7)
Fixed issue when sending MTB's and scrolling down, and accepting one from a friend that you've already just sent.. (it'd sometimes give option to send another MTB to them.. then give yo...
2021-10-20 17:31:43
October 2021 Changelog (Post #6)
Added in long over due links to view other regions stores/maps.Example, if you're in Roperia, and viewing the Pole/Chum/Boat/Skill/Map list, you'd see a link in header to shuttle to the oth...
2021-10-15 00:29:12
October 2021 Changelog (Post #5)
Temporarily added in how many quest catches are left, to see if there is in fact some sort of bug with quest catches not saving.. as per: :fw/fishwrangler/forum/bugs?id=123191It'll say &quo...
2021-10-14 17:28:04

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Adding content

Roperia Action Centre logo.jpg

2,608 articles since 1st April 2009.

Throughout this site you'll find a vast wealth of game content & knowledge. This was made possible by a combined resolve, effort, edits, & determination shown by a select group of wranglers (maybe like you?). Whether they contributed just a few times or over the years, most just wanted a database resource for their game: Fish Wrangler.

Most wanted to contribute so no matter whomever uses it, they will have whatever information they may seek easily at hand. And no matter when or how often they play, nor if a player just started playing or rejoined: wherever they may be in their game, they will have a source of help to consult. As we each started at our own point in time, many questions were being asked on the FW forums, even before this wikia existed & was complete. There were a number of players who became frustrated either seeing or answering the same repeated questions, or both on the forums. While others were still helpful in answering them, it was evident that something was necessary to provide information. It also must be kept accurate, up to date, and protected to avoid spoiling the game or vandalism. Most of the data is linear and uncovered during normal gameplay. Yet others are non-linear: these depend on having met a easy requirement such as just needing a boat to travel, or intermediate single or set of goals: like turning in 1-3 collection sets or quests. While standards for unlocking specific goals differs, we have to avoid spoilers.

So if you prefer to discover everything on your own or wish to avoid specific areas, this site may affect your enjoyment of the game. To give you better control over how much info you access, areas of the wikia that contain the most substantial spoiler material have prompt pages to ok before the info itself is displayed.
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Featured article - Fish


There are a large range of fish in the seas and around the islands of Farovia. Check them out and you may just learn a few tricks to catching them.