Madcow Fish

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Madcow Fish
Farovian Fish
Madcow hidden.jpg
Min. Gold 2,605
Min. Points 7,705
Min. Tourn. Points 862 points
Strength El Toro!
Min. Weight 3.13 lb / 1.42 kg
Min. Pole Level 83 Planktonite
Min. Skill Sub-Zero Survival Training
Habitat (Population) Sigs Wasteland (Numerous)
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Description: The Madcow mutated from the far weaker Toro fish. Wranglers may notice a bigger fight and higher rarity of this snarling bull. Expect a devastating cut to the Great Diablo's population, when the Madcow mutation mix is found!

How to catch Madcow Fish:
Catch Madcow Fish by using a Level 83+ Planktonite in Sig's Wasteland. Requires the skill of Sub-Zero Survival Training.

UNLOCKED PLANKTONIC REBREATHER! Took 23 hours (10 guesses)