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Lost Temple is the first region of the Far East area. It was released on June 29, 2017. It is also the 33rd island location in Farovia (55th in-game).

Lost Temple[edit]

Description: A tropical river paradise, newly discovered in the far east end of Farovia.

This magical location (hint see below) with artwork from some unnamed (as of yet) new artist is set in a South East Asia theme. The main requirement is having obtained the Art of Night Fishing skill as well as being able to get to Fishertonville in order to purchase the new boat, which means this Island is early option for newer players. Requiring low gold purchases of the Lost Perahu boat and poles, yet providing decent returns of Gold is a viable option to consider with enchanting and magical artwork.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!) To travel there, click here!

How to get there[edit]

To unlock travel to Lost Temple, buy the Lost Perahu boat in Fishertonville.

Afterwards, whenever you go to Lost Temple, it will choose the Lost Perahu boat. Although the travel menu may state a travel time from Fishertonville as high as "119 minutes" for a trip, the actual time is a much more reasonable (24-42 minutes before boosts). You do not have to travel from Fishtertonville either, but from any Favorian island. The shortest distance at 12.3 NM is from Devils Cove and WaterPort (now that Lost Perahu boat has been changed to travel both ways from WaterPort).

What to catch[edit]

Full descriptions of each Lost Temple fish can be found in The Fish of Lost Temple.

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Meong Fish Lost Kayu or Lost Ikan 12Fairly Prolific 1,200 1,080 -
Durian Fish Lost Kayu or Lost Ikan 12Fairly Prolific 1,350 1,215 -
Gajah Fish Lost Kayu or Lost Ikan 09Rare 1,600 1,440 -
Jathilan Fish Level 3 Lost Kayu or Level 3 Lost Ikan 04Critically Endangered 2,000 1,800 -
Komodo Fish Level 19 Lost Kayu or Level 19 Lost Ikan 07Extremely Rare 1,800 1,620 -
Memotong Fish Level 32 Lost Kayu or/ Level 32 Lost Ikan 07Extremely Rare 1,900 1,710 -
Pocong Fish Level 47 Lost Kayu or/ Level 47 Lost Ikan 05Endangered 2,100 1,890 -
Raflesia Fish Level 55 Lost Kayu or/ Level 55 Lost Ikan 08Very Rare 1,850 1,665 -
Janger Fish Level 60 Lost Kayu 07Extremely Rare 1,910 1,719 -
Buto Fish Level 70 Lost Ikan 07Extremely Rare 2,500 2,250 -
Cepot Fish Level 76 Lost Kayu or/ Level 76 Lost Ikan 04Critically Endangered 2,500 2,250 -
Merak Fish Level 85 Lost Kayu or/ Level 85 Lost Ikan 03Near Extinction 3,000 2,700 -
Punak Fish Level 90 Lost Kayu or/ Level 90 Lost Ikan 09Rare 1,800 1,620 -
Ahool Fish Level 95 Lost Kayu or/ Level 95 Lost Ikan 08Very Rare 1,900 1,710 -
Cendra Fish Level 109 Lost Kayu or/ Level 109 Lost Ikan 08Very Rare 2,000 1,800 -
Banasp Fish Level 121 Lost Kayu or/ Level 121 Lost Ikan 05Endangered 3,200 2,880 -
Leyak Fish Level 125 Lost Kayu or/ Level 125 Lost Ikan 08Very Rare 2,100 1,890 -
Gatok Fish Level 134 Lost Kayu or/ Level 134 Lost Ikan 07Extremely Rare 2,200 1,980 -
Batik Fish Level 140 Lost Kayu 07Extremely Rare 2,300 2,070 -
Hudoq Fish Level 145 Lost Kayu or/ Level 145 Lost Ikan 04Critically Endangered 3,400 3,060 -
Reog Fish Level 152 Lost Kayu or/ Level 152 Lost Ikan 08Very Rare 2,400 2,160 -
Krakatau Fish Level 160 Lost Ikan 07Extremely Rare 2,500 2,250 -
Garuda Fish Level 169 Lost Kayu or/ Level 169 Lost Ikan 02Possibly Extinct 4,000 3,600 -
Keris Fish Level 179 Lost Kayu/ Level 179 Lost Ikan 02Possibly Extinct 4,500 4,050 -
Antaboga Fish Level 180 Lost Kayu and/ Level 180 Lost Ikan 01Non-Existent 5,000 4,500 -

What to Buy[edit]

You can buy two types of poles here: Lost Kayu and Lost Ikan.

The Generic Chum, Steak Chum, and Cayenne Chum are available at the shop. Many other chums such as the popular Fish Guts Chum also work well here but will require going elsewhere to keep restocking.

Type Item Cost Points
Pole Lost Kayu 41,000 N/A
Pole Lost Ikan 41,000 N/A
Pole El Bambino for Lost Kayu 5,000 Level 50
Pole Bamboofecta for Lost Kayu 6,000 Level 90
Pole Full Sail for Lost Kayu 7,000 Level 135
Pole Turn up the Bass for Lost Ikan 5,000 Level 50
Pole Bambro for Lost Ikan 6,000 Level 90
Pole Full Steel for Lost Ikan 7,000 Level 135

How to Play[edit]

Use Lost Kayu or Lost Ikan poles to fish, and complete the Lost Kayu Quests and Lost Ikan Quests respectively. Wranglers can choose either pole or both if they want, and can catch most of the fish here regardless of which pole is chosen. There is no big difference or main advantages to either. Both poles has the same amount of add-ons (3), quests (6) and pole specific fish (2 for each pole). Of course will need to work and max level both poles if wanting to catch the multi-pole Antaboga Fish.

The closest place to hand in your finished quests is 1.7NM away at The Chataeu D'Amour in Lover's Lake. Game automatically shows default location at the popular The Sand Bar and Grill in WP, but all quests can be handed in at any of the quest turn-in locations in that region (Farovia).

Magical Incense[edit]

This is a game mechanic / feature of this island location known as Magical Incense. Per game developer Joe Faron "It's magic.. I don't know how it works.." Wranglers will see this while fishing, for example:

Magical Incense! Caught a 34.00 lb Komodo Fish, worth 1,926 points and 1,733 gold.

Hint, this feature only comes into play after using all your daily green 6 Skips and your 'Fish Now' timer is zero.

After using your daily 6 Skips, you can see under 'My Setup' on your pole image an actual image of the magical incense appear on the bottom corners of the pole image. Hovering your mouse anywhere on the pole image will show link to 'View My Profile', but hovering directly over the magical incense in either bottom corner will not bring up a link to view your profile. By clicking the magical incense will result in a pop-up explaining how the magical incense works with the following pop-up message:
Use 6+ SKIP's, to activate the Magical Incense...

Once your SKIP time expires, you will do regular fishing trip every hour or so.

NOTE: You will also get deckhand checks in combination. There's a risk of your equipment breaking when the magical incense is activated. Does not work on maxed out poles.

Moving on[edit]

This island is pretty much non-linear so there is no actual island logically to move on too linearly. If wranglers are wanting to move on to the next released island though, that would be Fariana Trench.