Liquid Gold

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Liquid Gold


Restocking Fee:
0 shells
0 gold
Attracts: Everything Rare!
Repels: Nothing!
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Liquid Gold Resource Page

Description: The rare Liquid Gold Attractant can harness its power on a specific fish. The Ancient Mariner will reward wranglers with this special attractant when they complete the final quest of a set.

Liquid Gold attractant is a resource when On but NOT harnessed will attract the four rarest fish or while harnessed that offers wranglers the ability to control which of the 11 rare fish they want to attract when harnessed and turned On. Unlike other attractants:
1) This resource is NOT used up if you fail to attract the fish you are harnessing for and
2) It turns off "automatically" after each successful use. It is REQUIRED for any Multi-Pole Fish and also used to attract the Limited Time Fish* in WaterPort that were previously thought to be Extinct.

Liquid Gold can be bought at a rate of 1 per 50 Red Love Chum or 50 Free Love Chum.
Liquid Gold is also found through completing certain next-to final (1), final quests (2), and bonus & SBQs (usually 3). Completing these quests an additional time rewards none or 1 less LG than what it originally rewarded. See the Quests FAQ for more details on first Quest completion and consecutive Quest completion on what all amounts of LG are rewared here: Quests - FAQ.

TIP: Get (1) Liquid Gold by completing the “Polar Bear Collection Set”
TIP: Get (1) Liquid Gold by completing the “Sol Queen Collection Set”
TIP: Get (1) Liquid Gold by completing the “Saloon Girl Collection Set”
TIP: Get (1) Liquid Gold by completing the “Escaped Prisoner Collection Set”
TIP: Get Liquid Gold by catching the Liquid Goldfish Fish which drops 1-8 Liquid Gold.

The above are the available Collection Sets that yield LG when turned in. The first is found in Farovia after collecting enough items in Snowpeak River. The other three are from Roperia in each of the final "River Permit" locations on the 3rd island.

  • NOTE: Once a Limited Time Fish has been harnessed in WaterPort, you can travel to anywhere else and still catch that fish, but you can only harness it while in WaterPort.