Leviathan Whale Fish

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Leviathan Whale Fish
Roperian Fish
Leviathan whale hidden.jpg
Min. Silver 1,064
Min. Points 1,058
Min. Tourn. Points 123 points
Min. Weight 4.06 lb / 1.84 kg
Min. Pole Level 95 Folsom
Min. Skill Basic Marksmanship
Habitat (Population) Subaqueous (Endangered)
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Description: In an attempt to reproduce the strength of Parribea’s Toby Richards, scientists created the ultimate monster called "Leviathan." This ferocious whale uses vicious teeth, monolithic size and naval training to protect the underwater region of Subaqueous.

The Leviathan Whale Fish may cause damage to your Folsom!
Near Death! Costs 4,010 silver (Occurs on ~90% of catches with Folsom)
Last Report: “I nearly drowned this morning when the Leviathon Whale slammed into my Submersible Craft. The doctors at the Roperian Naval Institute performed CPR just in the nick of time!” -Smooth Jed