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19th May 2021 Ajax'd Kelpie Juice, Tarpits and Ice Cubes, so you can fish faster! We raised $1.6k for Direct Relief and $400 to Sewa, top rated charities helping in India. “Released da Stealth Necro Net!” -Earl. The Ancient Mariner now offers Auto NF!
8th Apr 2021 Released Epic Bonuses - use them anywhere! “Fishertonburg + Excalinja Stealth Moderooski ben re-least!” -Earl!
1st Apr 2021 Added new settings for tourny pole selection & random treasure chests. Released list of fish catchable per pole, linked on each poles page in shop.
15th Feb 2021 The 22% Valentine's Day SALE ends in ~5 hours! Re-released Auto-Fish Special Bonus with many fixes, post bugs here. Give feedback on Secret Level mechanics! Hoping to release it early next week! Released Valentine's Feast Quest - multi-region/multi-pole=Huge REWARD!
1st Oct 2020 Attempt to recreate this new superb feast (new SBQ) in Breakfast Bay, along with something mythical (new MNF). A terrifying subterranean cavern system, accessible through the basement of the Hideaway Inn, shall open for exploration soon?

5th Jun 2020 The Sunny World Ocean Contest ends in ~16 hrs! We're celebrating World Ocean Day by donating $500 to the Ocean Conservancy and 28k FLC in four 1-day contests: Sunny, Flying, Blossoms & Surfing! Breakfast Bay shall be served June ~8th/9th.
24th Feb 2020 Squashin' bugs.. Released Billion Point Polaroid! Fixed tournament points and logs. Quests auto-equip to poles now, just make a quest catch. Casts + Pole Leveling are in summary logs now. Improved voyage arrival header message to include pole/chum suggestions. Continuing work on new level "Breakfast Bay".
1st Oct 2019 BREAKING NEWS: The Wrangler News Network (WNN) claims spooky items have been floating about! Gave away 10 Ice Cubes to 10 random members - we hit 1,000+ group members!
20th Aug 2019 The 20% Summer SALE ends in ~1 day! Testing 1 min off Fishing Timer for being “Ad Friendly” on - may revert this back.
19th Aug 2019 Sped up pole leveling for the Cold Fusion, Holy Hybrid and Reelistic poles!
25th July 2019 Released the 4,000 Day Polaroid! If you're one of the 25 people over this mark, you'll get credit for it the next day you stop in. Released 17 new SBQ's! Get 30 secs off timer when playing on!
18th June 2019 Released Mystery Tackle Crates and tournament start times/payouts at midnight daily. SKIP's / MTB's should reset at midnight as well. :) You'll no longer receive the Boat Leveling Bonus, if all boats are leveled - check your status in Boat Shop.
9th May 2019 Finishing up [new] Daily Mystery Tackle Crates closed beta test. We'll be releasing two new MNF's before Monsoon Lagoon any day (one for Roperia, one for Farovia).
14th Jan 2019 Released new point classes - collect your extra FLC! Released new tournament format into BETA, for players who haven't joined a tourny yet (not paying out FLC for it). Plastic Island (2nd level of the Roperian Garbage Patch) shall be open for cleaning Jan 16th!
20th Dec 2018 Plastic Island (2nd level of the Roperian Garbage Patch) shall be open for cleaning in mid-January!
15th Oct 2018 The 18% Pre-Release SALE ends soon! Innsmouth Island shall be arriving Oct 17th along with a 'Most-Catches' Contest! You can unlock the level for 250 RLC if you haven't completed the Ten Year Storm, it will also be beneficial if you've at least started Wahwahport.
1st Oct 2018 We're releasing a Halloween-Themed level that's an extension of the 10 year Storm storyline, before the Roperian Garbage Cleanup level. The cleanup level has taken lots of time to design and has 2x the fish as other levels and many new features with it, whereas the halloween level will be simpler. Show your support: get a hand-made FW Ornament & receive a special profile badge!
31st July 2018 Paid out 30,000+ Love Chum in the “10th Anniversary” Contest! The giving isn't over just yet! Gave away 47,000 Red Love Chum in the 10th Anniversary Trivia Contest! Thanks to everyone who donated to the Ocean Conservancy, we raised nearly $6,000!
13th July 2018 The 40% Tenth Anniversary SALE just started! Donate to Ocean Conservancy and we'll match it, plus we'll send you the same amount in RLC! 10 year contest fish coming tomorrow!
3rd July 2018 Dan's working on a 10th anniversary Fish, Baby Level mutli-pole fish, and fish #1000 (a super rare fish that drops LG and is caught via treasure chests)! We're also working on the next series of levels titled “Roperian Garbage Patch”!
20th May 2018 The “All of the Fish” page has been improved - now shows ALL fish fo' realz.
7th May 2018 The 18% Heartbreak Falls SALE just started! The Heartbreak Falls flood shall be cleared by May 8th and the final level Rakkaus Tarn will be released June ~9th. “Ocean Cleanup” will be our next level theme - have ideas for it?
22nd Feb 2018 The Glowing Angler Mythical Night Fish has been officially spotted lighting up the night sky! Sped up pole leveling as stated! New region titled “Big Love Island” arrives Feb ~26th - written by Lucy Snyder! Send Friends Fishing - get up to 35 FLC! Get guaranteed FLC when playing the FLC Raffle on!
7th Nov 2017 The 30% Pre-level release SALE ends in ~x hours! Earl will finish his latest invention, the Fariana Submarina, which will take wranglers to new depths on Thursday afternoon. You can now anonymously gift RLC to friends!
15th Oct 2017 Our new artist has finished up all of the deep sea fish and background image.. finishing up poles, etc now! Stay tuned for more details!
4th Aug 2017 A deep sea underworld awaits for the next level release... more details to come!
29th June 2017 New island location Lost Temple has been released!
14th Feb 2017 New Icelantica Backside island Snowpeak Basecamp has been released!