Kingsland Confluence

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Kingsland Confluence

Kingsland Confluence[edit]

Description: Wranglers will head "down under" as they advance to first continent of Zyrbelia, Kingsland Confluence, notoriously known for its unique wildlife, laid-back locals, and aboriginal heritage. Purchase the Outback Pole and prepare for a hot adventure through the country!

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

Getting to Kingsland Confluence[edit]


Earl's long lost cousin Franken is in dire straights... he lost his Hot Dog lure on his brand new Outback pole. Franken is willing to sell his brand new Hoverin Craft Boat and the navigation skill to anyone who can help!

How to Unlock:

  1. Complete the Coal Collection and the Lightning Collection sets to gain the attention of Franken. You must also own the Lightning Rod and the Coal Powered Thermo-pole for Franken to notice you
  2. Accept the Franken offer, when he notices your ability in finding small items..
  3. Voyage to New Seinborough, equip Horse Tamer and Goo together, along with the chum that attracts the Frankeness Monster. Cast away!
    • After casting, you will get Doused the water with Horse Tamer and Goo, along with 20 Mystery Meat chums! I spotted the Frankeness Monster, however it appears to be heading towards Santa Francesca! Hurry!
  4. After using the Horse Goo concoction, go to Santa Francesca and equip Peanut Poison or Sword Serum, along with the mysterious chum to get Franken's Lost Hot Dog! Cast yet again!
    • After casting, you will get Spritzed the water with Sword Serum! The Frankeness Monster ate 45 of my Mystery Meat chums and then gave Franken back his lost Hot Dog!
  5. Learn the Clockwise Navigation Skill to purchase the Hoverin Craft!
  6. Purchase the Hoverin Craft and voyage to Zyrbelia's first location titled "Kingsland Confluence"!

or Instantly Unlock:

  1. Purchase the Hoverin Craft via PayPal for $4.99 at any time.

Mission Notes[edit]

  • You will need at least 20+ chum to attract the Franken Ness in New Seinborough, and at least 50+ chum in Santa Francesca.
  • You can use any valid pole for the island to make the casts. Use either the Revelation or Lightning in New Seinborough and Crapole / Floral Standard / Landscaper in Santa Francesca.
  • Casts to find the hot dog do not add to your "Fish NOW" timer, but do use up the resources.
  • You only need to equip one of the Peanut Poison or Sword Serum resources, you do not need to equip them both.
  • Crew trips will use up resources, but will not count to find the hot dog. It may be a good idea to use the "Private Fishing" link in the tournament page to ensure that you don't get any crew trips and lose resources (especially the Peanut Poison / Sword Serum).

What to buy[edit]

Upon arrival, you will need to equip yourself with the Outback pole which costs 150,000 silver.

In addition, you might want to have some x5 and x2 Boat Speed Boosts saved to be available to use, as it takes anywhere from 45-65 minutes when traveling!

What to catch[edit]

Fish Min. Pole Min. Skill Population Status Min. Points Min. Silver Chum Preference
Koala Puffer Fish Level 0 Outback Clockwise Navigation 12Fairly Prolific 425 434 -
Kooky Fish Level 0 Outback Clockwise Navigation 11Numerous 471 488 -
Shade Fish Level 2 Outback Clockwise Navigation 09Rare 513 524 -
Lung Fish Level 4 Outback Clockwise Navigation 08Very Rare 550 567 -
Frilled Fish Level 7 Outback Clockwise Navigation 07Extremely Rare 603 615 -
Man Eater Fish Level 10 Outback Clockwise Navigation 05Endangered 1,044 1,059 -
Dingo Fish Level 14 Outback Clockwise Navigation 08Very Rare 669 652 -
Giant Cuddle Fish Level 18 Outback Clockwise Navigation 06Threatened 717 726 -
Eel Neck Turtle Fish Level 22 Outback Clockwise Navigation 04Critically Endangered 1,222 1,213 -
Striped Thylacine Fish Level 26 Outback Clockwise Navigation 07Extremely Rare 785 784 -
Echidna Puffer Fish Level 30 Outback Clockwise Navigation 06Threatened 906 915 -
Boxaroo Fish Level 34 Outback Clockwise Navigation 02Possibly Extinct 1,532 1,538 -
Stone Fish Level 38 Outback Clockwise Navigation 04Critically Endangered 1,389 1,393 -
Aborignal Fish Level 42 Outback Clockwise Navigation 05Endangered 1,256 1,247 -
Moth Ray Fish Level 46 Outback Clockwise Navigation 06Threatened 1,013 1,010 -
Barbed Shrimp Fish Level 50 Outback Clockwise Navigation 02Possibly Extinct 1,726 1,721 -
Thorny Whale Fish Level 53 Outback Clockwise Navigation 03Near Extinction 1,455 1,469 -
Platypus Fish Level 57 Outback Clockwise Navigation 10Average 850 854 -
Aussie Croc Fish Level 64 Outback Clockwise Navigation 07Extremely Rare 1,076 1,065 -
Kingsland Diablo Fish Level 73 Outback Clockwise Navigation 04Critically Endangered 1,401 1,408 -
Blue Ring Octo Fish Level 80 Outback Clockwise Navigation 02Possibly Extinct 1,796 1,800 -

What chum[edit]

Shepherd Pie Chum is the chum of preference while in Kingsland Confluence.

Moving on[edit]

Turning in the Outback Collection rewards you with a river permit that can be used to unlock access to Mosquito Run.