King Crab Fish

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King Crab Fish
Farovian Fish
King-crab Hidden.jpg
Min. Gold 4,123
Min. Points 2,011
Min. Tourn. Points 249 points
Strength Bling Blingin'
Min. Weight 14.00 lb / 6.35 kg
Min. Pole Level 25 Pneumatic Spear
Min. Skill Scuba Fishing License
Habitat (Population) Sans Culpra (Possibly Extinct)
Sigs Vault (Possibly Extinct)
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Description: Lurking deep in the ocean, King Crab are the strongest crustacean in the Farovian Sea. The crabs' sharp claws and razor-sharp legs can leave brutal scars on wranglers when scuba diving.

25th fish released & also the King Crab Fish's ID #. Found here: