Joan of Enjer Fish

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Joan of Enjer Fish
Farovian Fish
Joan-of-enjer hidden.jpg
Min. Gold 2,910
Min. Points 10,321
Min. Tourn. Points 1,155 points
Strength Avenger
Min. Weight 3.75 lb / 1.70 kg
Min. Pole Level 75 Algaenite
Min. Skill Sub-Zero Survival Training
Habitat (Population) Sigs Wasteland (Possibly Extinct)
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Description: The heroic Joan of Arc traveled to Sans Culpra to stop the evil Sig Fish from irreversible experimentation. However, she arrived too late and inevitably mutated into the Joan of Enjer, whom comes from the mountains far far away...

How to catch Joan of Enjer Fish:
Catch Joan of Enjer Fish by using a Level 75+ Algaenite in Sig's Wasteland. Requires the skill of Sub-Zero Survival Training.

UNLOCKED AVENJER BLADES! Took X hours (Y guesses)