Jammin Chum

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Jammin Chum
Farovian Chum
Cost (Refund) 180 (180)
Chum Loss 70%
Attraction 4%
Retail Outlet Breakfast Bay

Description: Use this chum to attract the pastry breeds of Breakfast Bay.

Jammin Chum is the one of three 'standard' Chum availabe at Breakfast Bay. The other two are Ghostly Chum and Suga Suga Chum.

Jammin Chum doubles the chance of attracting the following fish:

El Scorchoast Fish
Texatoast Fish
Powdered Donut Fish
Glazed Donut Fish
Bran the Man Fish
Biscuit Fish
Octomuffin Fish
Muffin Boxfish Fish
Cinnafin Roll Fish
Pancake Ray Fish
French Toast Fish
Crepe Ray Fish
Bagel Shrimp Fish
Croissant Fish
Belgian Waffle Fish
Parfaitang Fish