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Heart Land[edit]

Description: NEW RELEASE! In the center of Lucidia Nature Preserve resides a rare heart coral that's been corrupted by dangerous breeds. Wranglers must venture through the "Heart Land" to successfully save the entire region!

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

How to get there[edit]

In order to unlock Heart Land, you must hand in two sets of the Awesome Armor collection, which is found by fishing in Coral Lobby. You should have pole levels at 50 or higher.

Note: There is a chance that you might be able to enter Heart Land after completing the Corrupted Coral collection, but there is no point when the pole levels are under 50.

What To Catch[edit]

The Fish of Heart Land

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Gramma Fish Level 50 Guardian Grabber 03Near Extinction 856 854 -
Pollen Fish Level 50 Guardian Grabber 12Fairly Prolific 1,139 1,125 -
Shovelhead Fish Level 53 Guardian Grabber 12Fairly Prolific 1,303 1,309 -
Brittle Star Fish Level 57 Guardian Grabber 11Numerous 1,574 1,570 -
Shelter Jelly Fish Level 60 Guardian Grabber 09Rare 1,756 1,759 -
Vacuum Octo Fish Level 64 Guardian Grabber 07Extremely Rare 1,985 1,980 -
Bristle Eel Fish Level 68 Guardian Grabber 06Threatened 2,261 2,260 -
Crystalline Fish Level 70 Guardian Grabber 04Critically Endangered 2,720 2,722 -
Sun Ray Fish Level 75 Guardian Grabber 03Near Extinction 3,401 3,400 -
Queen Angel Fish Level 80 Guardian Grabber 02Possibly Extinct 4,225 4,020 -
Ramming Ray Fish Level 50 Danger Destroyer 12Fairly Prolific 856 854 -
Heartless Hawk Fish Level 50 Danger Destroyer 12Fairly Prolific 1,139 1,125 -
Pick Axe Shark Fish Level 53 Danger Destroyer 12Fairly Prolific 1,303 1,309 -
Grazer Fish Level 57 Danger Destroyer 11Numerous 1,574 1,570 -
Spearing Eel Fish Level 60 Danger Destroyer 09Rare 1,756 1,759 -
Barbed Octo Fish Level 64 Danger Destroyer 07Extremely Rare 1,985 1,980 -
Goblin Shark Fish Level 68 Danger Destroyer 06Threatened 2,261 2,060 -
Fringeface Fish Level 70 Danger Destroyer 04Critically Endangered 2,720 2,722 -
Stargazer Fish Level 75 Danger Destroyer 03Near Extinction 3,401 3,400 -
Titan Trigger Fish Level 80 Danger Destroyer 02Possibly Extinct 4,225 4,020 -
Heartworm Fish Level 80 Guardian Grabber AND Danger Destroyer 01Non-Existent 6,063 6,099 Monster Wrangling

What to Buy[edit]

Poles Addons[edit]


Any Farovian chum should work in Heart Land, but the two chums you should be able to purchase in Heart Land are:

Tips: Chums with the least amount of loss (15%) are Fruit Medley, Tidepool Mush & Kelp Paste.

Upgrade your poles immediately upon entry, so you can benefit from leveling and catch new fish. You can always return to level your pole and avoid misses at earlier islands.

How to Play[edit]

You must first have turned in 2 sets of Awesome Armor to proceed. Must have a Lv 50 pole to catch fish, but recommended to buy add-ons in Coral Lobby and have a Lv 53 pole to avoid misses from those fish. This will entail needing to complete both the Lost Weapons collection and the Brave Bones collection sets while fishing here at Heart Land. Both sets will need to be turned in twice in order to receive the reward a Vaccine for the Heart Coral & More to clear up the Lucidia Preserve area.
NOTE: Just follow the red message box under your My Setup image for all of these steps.. and you should progress as fast as possible.

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What's Next?[edit]

After destroying the Heartworm, the Merking rewards you with two new region maps, to possible new locations. More info soon!

What those 2 new region maps are, players can only speculate as this was never answered directly. However the next areas to be released were the baby Fahwahvia islands starting at Wahwahport followed by the Icelantica Backside islands in Roperia. After that the Lost Temple and Fariana Trench were both released in Farovia region. It is also important to note that the game had already started to become less linear and had started to become a more open game. So this so far was pretty much the end of that linear line, allowing players to choose where all to go to more of a degree (there are still at times some requirements needing to be done to unlock some newer areas but in a much less linear format). As all the suggested locations above, players can go to much earlier without needing to have completed Lucidia Preserve.