Harbinger Fish

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Harbinger Fish
Farovian Fish
Harbinger hidden.jpg
Min. Gold 2,000
Min. Points 2,000
Min. Tourn. Points 229 458
Min. Weight 3 oz / 85 g
Min. Pole
Min. Skill
Habitat (Population) WaterPort
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Description: TASK FISH!
The Harbinger Fish is a cousin of the Grim Fish. Decked out in robes as dark as the depths of the ocean, this foreboding fish may have a message about a strange new mysterious island in Farovia...

The Harbinger was released as a contest fish just prior to the new Eldritch Islands and must be caught in order to unlock that location and was able to be caught in all Farovia locations.
NOTE: First catch is taken by Earl and does not count towards the contest. (used to unlock the Eldritch Islands story)

The Harbinger Fish can still be caught, but only by harnessing the power of Liquid Gold on it at the island of WaterPort. To see the full Harbinger Fish image, click here.

The Harbinger is part of a Task: Catch the Harbinger, if you dare to unlock the most horrifying adventure yet... Eldritch Islands!

Example first catch:
Caught my 1st ever x oz Harbinger Fish, worth x,xxx points and x,xxx gold. I used 1 x Chum, have x left.
Next Step: “Nice catch der wranglar, did u phinish da 1O Year Storm?” -Eloquent Earl You Betcha!