Guardians Gate

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Guardians Gate is a region in Farovia and the first in the Lucidia Preserve. It was released on March 8-9, 2014.


After many months of close examination, Earl decrypted a secret map found in SS Whiskey that draws out the location to a secret underworld, several thousand feet deep... a region known as Lucidia Preserve!

How to get there[edit]

Complete The Story of Shipwreck Explorer by catching the Tentacle of Terror Fish (requires Level 80 pole of Sling Spear, Torpedo Spear, or Electro Spear) in SS Graveyard.

What To Catch[edit]

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Butterfly Fish Guardian Grabber 12Fairly Prolific 606 600 -
Toad Fish Danger Destroyer 12Fairly Prolific 606 600 -
Distressed Damsel Fish Guardian Grabber 11Numerous 955 914 -
Red Snapper Fish Danger Destroyer 11Numerous 955 914 -
Seabra Fish Level 3 Guardian Grabber 11Numerous 1,088 1,075 -
Goat Fish Level 3 Danger Destroyer 11Numerous 1,088 1,075 -
Golden Goby Fish Level 6 Guardian Grabber 05Endangered 1,752 1,749 -
Fallen Angel Fish Level 6 Danger Destroyer 05Endangered 1,752 1,749 -
Reflector Fish Level 9 Guardian Grabber 10Average 1,315 1,313 -
Itchy Trigger Fish Level 9 Danger Destroyer 10Average 1,315 1,313 -
Porcupine Fish Level 12 Guardian Grabber 09Rare 1,573 1,571 -
Lizard Fish Level 12 Danger Destroyer 09Rare 1,573 1,571 -
Cleaner Fish Level 15 Guardian Grabber 06Threatened 2,215 2,222 -
Dagger Fish Level 15 Danger Destroyer 06Threatened 2,215 2,222 -
Rabbit Fish Level 18 Guardian Grabber 08Very Rare 1,909 1,895 -
Felion Fish Level 18 Danger Destroyer 08Very Rare 1,909 1,895 -
Trunk Fish Level 22 Guardian Grabber 03Near Extinction 2,752 2,759 -
Funnel Eel Fish Level 22 Danger Destroyer 03Near Extinction 2,752 2,759 -
Mandarin Fish Level 25 Guardian Grabber 02Possibly Extinct 3,401 3,408 -
Scorpion Fish Level 25 Danger Destroyer 02Possibly Extinct 3,401 3,408 -

A rogue's gallery of Guardians Gate's fish can be found at here.

What to Buy[edit]



Any Farovian chum should work in Guardians Gate, but the two chums you can purchase in Guardians Gate are:

Tip: Chums with the least amount of loss (15%) are Fruit Medley, Tidepool Mush & Kelp Paste.

How to Play[edit]

Merlinado, the gatekeeper of Lucidia Preserve, a region with a struggling ecosystem, needs help in balancing the fish populations by using two fishing tools - the Guardian Grabber and Danger Destroyer! Follow the chapters in The Story of Saving Lucidia.

The ecosystem is represented by the meter and is "balanced" in the blue area. You must use each of the poles in order maintain the balance. Doing this helps avoid receiving damage from the environment (50k gold fee) and be able to receive collectable items from different fish that drop them. You will be warned if you become "Imbalanced" and a message will recommend you to equip the other pole.

The Danger Destroyer pushes the balance to the left or red side. The Guardian Grabber pushes the balance to the right or green side. For example if it is too far to the right in the green side it will state:

Ecosystem: TOO GUARDED - Equip Destroyer?

Or too far to the left near the red side:

Ecosystem: TOO DANGEROUS - Equip Guardian?

There are two collection sets you can gather while you are balanced: Old Litter and Guardian Stone.

Moving on to Coral Lobby[edit]

When you have handed in both collection sets, usually around when your fishing poles are level 22, you can unlock the next area, Coral Lobby, although it is advised not to start fishing there until your poles can catch the level 25 fish.