Gramma Fish

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Gramma Fish
Farovian Fish
Gramma hidden.jpg
Min. Gold 854
Min. Points 856
Min. Tourn. Points TBD
Min. Weight 63.69 lb / 28.89 kg
Min. Pole Level 50 Guardian Grabber
Min. Skill
Habitat (Population) Heart Land (Near Extinction)
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Description: After passing through the Coral Lobby, wranglers are greeted by a beloved fish known as "Gramma." This old-timer has witnessed many changes in Lucidia over the generations and hopes the refuge will return to its former state. Gramma just wants to live out her remaining years in a happy place!

TIP: Drops the “Sharp Strangeness Collectable” ~5% of the time in a balanced ecosystem!
Also, it's better to just trade down for this item, due to the fish's current rarity & item drop rate.

Trivia: Originally supposed to be one of the four Lv 50 Fairly Prolific fish available when Heart Land started, instead this fish was released LATE the next day & it's population changed to NE. Three possible reasons for this can be that it was by a simple accident, part of the game-play due to it's description, or purposely done to avoid having the first wrangler (who finished their skimming / welding first) be able to catch the FIRST FISH from the six fish between Lvs 50-53. Whatever the reason, it might never be revealed to the public.