Ghostly Chum

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Ghostly Chum
Farovian Chum
Cost (Refund) 190 (190)
Chum Loss 60%
Attraction 5%
Retail Outlet Breakfast Bay

Description: This ghost pepper chum attracts the savory specimens in Breakfast Bay. (Note: tomato is technically a fruit, but it's savory in this bay!)

Ghostly Chum is the one of three 'standard' Chum availabe at Breakfast Bay. The other two are Jammin Chum and Suga Suga Chum.

Ghostly Chum doubles the chance of attracting the following fish:

Breakfast Burbot Fish
Queso Fish
Crispy Albacon Fish
Canadian Albacon Fish
Grits Fish
Homefries Fish
Hashbuck Fish
Sausage Eel Fish
Sausage Flounder Fish
Chickafish Fish
Omelette Crab Fish
Huevolrus Fish
Sir Benedict Fish
Quiche Qrab Fish
Corned Beluga Fish
Steak-n-Eggs Fish
Tomatopus Fish
Bloody Mary Fish